Monday, March 25, 2013


While Mimi is on Spring Break in Florida, I have gotten to stay home with my sweet boys.

I SEE you!
I don't think I've ever been happier. Even going through the potty-training of the days! It's just a special time.

Poppi has even come over to visit. (Come over again, Dad! The boys would love to see you.)

Mr. Brigglesworth is eating us out of house and home!

In church yesterday, Little JCrew colored a palm frawn for Palm Sunday. I love to hang his artwork on the fridge!

I think I am also soaking it in more than usual because I know this time is precious.

This past week was a big one in my home town in FL. A three year-old boy, Kaedyn, with Luekemia got a bone marrow transplant on Friday. I went to high school with his mom and this is his second time to relapse. It was over Christmas that he showed signs of relapsing, and a transplant would be the only way to save his life. It has not been an easy road for her to see her baby in pain and not being able to go outside. But they have had an overwhelming support system and the transplant went smoothly. Now they are asking for prayers that he does not get an infection.

On a much more sad note, another friend of mine from FL lost his 20-month old son Sunday morning. The family has shared all the details they know, but there are some unanswered questions. He was at a home daycare when he fell, hit the back of his head and his skull was fractured. He suffered a stroke and brain swelling and for three days they did all that they could to save him. I just can't imagine! Little JCrew is a climber and he's 19-months old! Their life is just beginning!

They have set up a Foundation for little Ellis Reed. Please visit and keep the family in your prayers.


It just makes my time with my boys more precious. I've got a craving to squeeze them tight, and luckily Little JCrew likes to cuddle.

If you have little ones, or big ones, give them some extra love today. I know I'll be smothering my guys. And say a prayer for the hurting families. Just knowing they are in our thoughts, is overwhelming for them.

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