Monday, July 8, 2013

Dividing Ivy

I started with a container on my back porch with Lace Ivy, a miniature rose bush and a fern. All have done extremely well.

The miniature rose bush fades away in the Winter, but is eager for Spring.

The ivy is a beautiful ivy with ruffled edges.

It covers the pot so you can’t see it. This growth took about two-three years. When my parents moved into their house, my mom took some cuttings from my ivy to create her own.

Now that the ivy is how I want it, I make little trims each year. Instead of wasting the trimmings, I decided to make some more pots from it.

This was a shot before I clipped.

That was after. Not that big of a difference, but gives the ivy some more growing room for the season.

I put the trimmings in a vase full of water. Some of the cuts already have roots, but the water helps get roots to grow.

I put the cut with a root in a pot already. I didn't need to put it in the water. It did well going straight to a pot.

It took three weeks for the new cuttings to have roots. Once they did, I put them in their own pots.

To get the pots ready, Little JCrew and I put plastic bottles from our recycling bin at the bottom.

That way we didn’t have to use a lot of dirt.

Then we started to fill the pots with dirt. Little JCrew took the shovel and was removing the dirt I put in.

I tried to get him to move the dirt from one pot to the other, but he thought it was more fun to put it in the yard.

I’ve now got the pots started with their own ivy and will wait a few years for the ivy to spread. It sure beats buying a new plant! I’m always looking for a way to save.

Now, I just have to decide where these pots are going. They thrive in the shade. For right now, I have them next to seats on the porch. I hope they do well, but I might end up moving them. 

Oh, and while I was waiting on my ivy to root, the lily I have in with the ivy decided to bloom for the first time in two years! 

It bloomed three times! The blooms last for a day. I'm glad I took a picture that morning, because by nightfall, it was closed. I don't remember what it is, but I'm so glad it finally decided it's new home was something worth blooming for.

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