Friday, July 12, 2013

We're Standing, Crawling and Blowing Bubbles!

I think it's time to lower the crib for Mr. Brigglesworth!

I have been patiently waiting for him to start crawling, but all he wants to do is stand.

His hair kills me! I love it!

For two weeks now he is crawling really well. The crawl started out as a scoot while sitting, then he started the Army crawl and finally got on all fours. His crawl though is still modified. He acts like he has a broken leg. One leg is straight and it pushes him, while the other leg stays up underneath him.

It's cute and he's fastest that way.

Mr. Brigglesworth has five teeth now with a sixth about to come through on the top. You can see four of the teeth really well when he smiles. I love the gap up top!

He is such a happy baby when he wakes up. See that time on the clock... he's even happy before 6AM.

Unlike his brother, Little JCrew. We are lucky if he wakes up talking, like he did yesterday.

I love those sleepy eyes!

Little JCrew has never been one that we walk in with him standing up in his crib. He's usually still laying down. I made him stand up for the picture since he was in a great mood.

Mr. Brigglesworth, though, has been found sitting and standing in his crib when we walk in. Lowering the crib mattress is on our project agenda this weekend.

Little JCrew also has to sleep in onesies because of his desire to put his hands down his diaper. Boys!

For the Fourth of July, we got Little JCrew some bubbles.

That week was too wet, but we did finally get out there despite the rain, to blow bubbles.

He loved it.

This picture is a perfect summary of the boys. Little JCrew has his cup, Mr. Brigglesworth has his spoon! The life of boys. It's only begun!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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