Friday, August 16, 2013

Snort, Moo, Meow!

Right now, is my favorite stage. Little JCrew is learning to talk more and more. I had mentioned on my instagram account a month ago, how Little JCrew finally gave me a name! It melted my heart. I am Mom-mom! He doesn't call me by name very much, but when he does, I will do anything he asks!

He's a stubborn kid, but I got him to start answering my questions. They have to be questions he likes, so of course, they are about animals. Here's a video.

He also is very strong-willed when we take walks. He doesn't want to ride in the stroller, wagon, bike, anything! He wants to be walking. Mr. JCrew taught him how to look for cars and crossing the street. In the video, it's hard to hear them, but Mr. JCrew is asking Little JCrew to look for cars. Usually, Little JCrew will say, "Cars" and point, too. He patiently waits until a parent says, "Go!" Then he starts yelling, "Go" as he crosses the street.

Mr. Brigglesworth is a bruiser. The poor kid wants to do everything his brother does and he gets hurt. Thankfully, he's scared of the stairs. I took a video of his first day figuring out how to walk behind a push toy. He has since mastered it. Little JCrew was a little older when he started this skill.

I love how the boys interact now. It's such a fun age. They make each other giggle and teach each other things. Each time Mr. Brigglesworth gets hurt, Little JCrew is the first to ask him if he's okay! Such a sweet love.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. My birthday weekend got started a day early and will last all weekend long! My boys know how to spoil their momma!

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