Monday, September 30, 2013

A Walk Through the Yard - Year 5

This is one of those ho-hum posts about plants that are written for the interest of the JCrew grandparents. Hi, Nana!! On the flip side…landscaping is one of those things that might not be easy or quick or interesting but it sure does help the look of your exterior.

I’m sure I look like a dork when I take my camera outside and take pictures of my
yard, but I’m so glad I do. So many things have changed! My favorite part is remembering how little something was and then looking at it now.

The Teddy Bear Magnolias were the first trees we planted. We called them our love ferns. We planted them the weekend Mr. JCrew separated from the Air Force and moved home.
Teddy Bear Magnolia - April 2009

Teddy Bear Magnolia - September 2013
The Dwarf Buford Hollies in the front are finally joining together to make a hedge.

Holly Bushes - 2009

September 2013

The Ivory Silk Lilac is my favorite tree in the yard. Along with the Parson's Juniper that filled in underneath it.

I wanted to share with you also the hidden views that are overlooked.

The boys and I spend a lot of time outside in our backyard. It's fun for all of us and you get to see things in a way the outsider can't. These two trees create an "entry" into the yard that I love.

The crepe myrtles are doing their thing. They are at the height that I wanted, creating more privacy.

I always love coming through the gate and walking under them.

The Eagleston Holly's are growing fast! They, too, create great privacy!

The porch has a nice "homey" feel to it. The Jackson Vine keeps growing!

Tea Olive's are my favorite. When the weather is between 60-70 degrees, they give off this awesome aroma. I just wish I had planted them closer to the porch!

The Eastern Redbud is growing. 

Seems like it is still small, but when you look at the first time we got it, you quickly realize the growth.

Redbud on far right.

That’s just a look at things that have been around the longest. Of course there are others, but they are in their beginning phases. Kinda cool to see what we started with and where it is now!

Maybe I do have a green thumb after all.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Someone Is Almost One

Mr. Brigglesworth is coming up on his first birthday!

It does feel weird that I am not pregnant for this milestone like I was for Little JCrew's. I didn't feel like I should be pregnant for his second birthday, back in August. Weird!

Mr. Brigglesworth is one of the sweetest babies. Both of my boys are very tender-hearted. Mr. Brigglesworth gets a lot of bruises, and Little JCrew is always right there to ask, "Are you okay?" Sweetest love!

Mr. Brigglesworth is a Momma's boy, and I am to blame. Little JCrew is a Daddy's boy and I wanted one of my own. Sure enough, the kid is attached. But I still love that lump on my hip that is there 12 hours a day while I'm trying to load the washing machine.

If you walk past him, he melts into tears. He'd rather you offer your hand to come walking with you.

Mr. Brigglesworth and Little JCrew have changed so much in the last few months, that I'm excited to see what else will be changing this year. Those brains of theirs are soaking up EVERYTHING!

It's really hard to grasp my babies are growing up. I keep catching myself watching them sleep.

I hope you have a great weekend! My UCF Knights are playing South Carolina on Saturday at 12:00 EST on ABC nationally!!!! I will definitely be watching. Thank goodness it will be nap time! I'm so proud of my school!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That Wife

Lots of laughs yesterday. What I was laughing at was not the same thing the bank teller was laughing at. I didn’t realize this until an hour later when I told Mr. JCrew the story. :/

We had a lot of unscheduled purchases over the weekend, so on Monday, I was balancing the books. I noticed a purchase that I had to call Mr. JCrew about. I couldn’t remember, and he couldn’t remember.

We all know Mr. JCrew’s memory is not his best characteristic. (He admits it; I’m not throwing him under the bus.) I’m biased towards him, so I give him the excuse that he has so much going on between work, school and family, that there is no way he can keep it all straight. He appreciates my excuse. Me, on the other hand, I have a photographic memory. It’s a really cool thing that I use a lot. It goes along with my number relationships. Playing the silly games with numbers helps me remember them, too!

But this mysterious purchase was not made by me. I found no receipt. I asked Mr. JCrew to run through his daily events of the date in question. There was nothing out of the ordinary. He didn’t go to soccer practice because he was feeling bad, so neither one of us left the house that evening. And it was “grocery-bill” high and we could not figure it out. The description for the payment only had the city and state. No other detail as to where this purchase was. No address, nothing.

So, I call the bank to see if they had that little piece of information I was missing. He was able to see it was the eye doctor. YES! Mr. JCrew went to the eye doctor that day during lunch! I totally forgot. My photographic memory couldn’t help me there.

I joked with the bank teller saying that was great and all was fine. He did go to the eye doctor that day and I remember him telling me they sold him into buying new glasses (after he told me he was going to be tough and not buy new ones). We never make large purchases when we are not with each other so I couldn’t figure out what this was for. We laughed and I thanked him.

When I was telling Mr. JCrew about the solved mystery, he was laughing, too. He said the eye doctor even called him on Tuesday to say when his glasses would be ready, and that STILL did not jog his memory that the glasses were the purchase in question! Then Mr. JCrew brought it to my attention. The bank teller was not laughing with me on my thought of how relieved I was. He was laughing because I was THAT wife. The wife who sees a mysterious charge on her husband’s card (not hers) and wonders what her husband is up to. He thought I was trying to catch my husband!! Oh, gosh! That was not my intent at all. I laughed even more thinking that was probably what the guy was laughing at. Mr. JCrew knows I’m a sleuth and I find things out.

And I’m still laughing. Maybe I should have been an FBI agent. That would be fun!  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Revere Pewter

Alright folks, I did it! The Master Bedroom is a new color!

Benjamin Moore

That’s part of the reason I got the spray gun, because I knew I was about to go on a painting frenzy. And sure enough, I did!

A few months ago, I did test swatches in six different locations in my bedroom. I had to make sure I was picking the right color this time.

After my fiasco with Little JCrew’s room and the upstairs bathroom, I started to second guess my pick for the master bedroom. I almost thought I should use ‘Bonsai’ for a fourth room since I knew I liked it.

But I reminded myself of the process I went through to pick this color. I lived with the samples for weeks on my walls and saw them in all kinds of lighting situations. This was my favorite.

It took me two hours to prep the room and three hours to paint it. It was simple with four walls, but I had the ceiling to tackle. Lucky me; the paint gun decided to not work! I had taped myself into the room and it wouldn't work! I was in a time crunch, so I decided to do it the old-fashioned way. I'm spoiled using the gun already. 

Before I prepped the room, I painted the white part of the ceiling. With painting the walls three times, the walls were growing into the ceiling space. I was moving the tape line a little further with each coat to make sure the previous coat was covered.

Just that alone, made it look better already!

I feel it really lightens the space up just like I wanted.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Now my mom and Mr. JCrew are hiding my paint gun. I can’t paint any more. I keep telling them it’s okay! It’s not like I am making them do it!! I don’t mind. Yes, it’s work, but it’s such a simple change to make a space your own.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter for the win!!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Now I’m sure this color will stay for years. You got to ask yourself, "Who cares what color the walls are?" No one sees this room but Mr. JCrew, the kids and me. Out of us, I am the only one who cares. But this new color just made feel so much calmer and relaxed when I walk in. It is my 'happy place.' Just like my whole house is turning out to be. 

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

All of these pictures were taken on different days, different times, with the light on, with the light off, windows open and windows closed. I was trying to capture what the color does in all light settings. Unlike previous colors for this room, Revere Pewter stays pretty. I'm in love!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

The Master Bedroom's History

1. Glidden - Brown Bag
2. Valspar - Azure Snow
3. Behr - Elephant Skin
4. Valspar - Stone Manor
5. Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter

Finally, I found the color I love!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Briggs

I really tried hard to provide my children with unique, but classy names. Names that are not Hollywood-crazy, but unique enough, that they will never run into another one like them. And if they did, they would not be close in age.

It’s hard deciding on a name. I was looking for names I liked and wouldn’t grow tired of. My list of names I made in middle school were dated by the time I got into college (Bailey, MacKenzie, Kylie, etc). You can tell a child’s age by their name. My name, Lindsay, is an 80’s girl name. It was a male name before that, and during the 90’s people got crazy with their spellings of Lindsay.

I did know that at the time of Mr. Brigglesworth’s birth, another Briggs was born. However, he was in Pennsylvania. His parents really liked the names Trigg and Tripp (from the Palin’s) but didn’t want to be associated with an infatuation with the Palin’s. So, they found a similar name, Briggs.

I love seeing them walk together, hand-in-hand.

I chose the name because I liked it. I had a friend growing up with the last name of Briggs. Then it was during a football game years back, that I saw the name on the back of a jersey and told Mr. JCrew that I would love to use that as a first name. Years later, I fought to use that name! (Once I get an idea in my head, and I can visualize it, it’s usually set!) Plus, it went with Wilks. I like family names to correlate, but not match. Names that are related by style.

I love baby pajamas!

Most people respond the same to the name. They are indifferent. Rarely do I find someone who loves it. When I do, I feel a special bond with that person. They get me; we must be similar; we could get along perfectly!

Imagine my jaw dropping when I pull a piece of paper out of Little JCrew’s school folder and see the name, Briggs, on the sheet. It was the snack schedule for the month of October.

Kates loves paper and got to this piece quickly!

Holy moly, there was another weird coincidence. Briggs’ name was written on Mr. Brigglesworth’s birthday, October 1st!!! (I am a weird girl that looks at numbers and tries to find relationships. Remember how I made relationships with Little JCrew’s birthday? 8/24 …  2*4=8 … 24 is 8 days after 16 (which is my birthday.)) How cool!

My mind then immediately started wondering what Little JCrew thought of this. His classmate has the same name as his brother! I could totally see this coming if I chose the name, John. How does a two-year-old grasp this?

Here I thought I had unique names, and Little JCrew ends up with a Briggs in his class. I am unaware if this Briggs is a boy or girl. His class is small and I’ve only seen two other boys, and I know one of them is Cooper.

I think that it is really neat to have another Briggs in the same city as mine. He shouldn’t feel so weird by his name then. Although, it is pretty cool to have a name unique enough that when people say it, they know which person you are. I am the only Lindsay at my job, and I like it. Much different than school, where I went by “Lindsay W.”

Changing topics a little and giving a short update on the boys. Nothing new, other than Mr. Brigglesworth walking more independently. He just pulls up on something and walks the halls. I think it’s the cutest thing to watch. He is a little person roaming around the house. If you leave him somewhere, he will come find you!

So close to capturing that sweet smile.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding Homes for My Electric Lanterns

I had four lanterns that I madeelectric. They now needed homes.

My mom already had the same lanterns on her side porch, and I decided to give her one of my small ones to replace the light fixture by her front door.

Their previous lantern is just like mine on the front porch, I’d love to replace mine, but I need a little light there because of the storm door that hits it when open.

All I had to do was cut off the plug and actually hook up the lanterns to a light switch!

I just took down her old light and hung up the new one.

We bought a switch plate with a small hole to cover up the electrical box and allow for the cord to come through.

I think it looks lovely!

With my remaining small lantern, I put it back where it was on the back porch.

I drilled a hole in the mortar.

Then cut the plug off the cord and fed it through the hole down the wall.

It wasn’t as easy as it should have been. I couldn’t take the box out of the wall, so I was trying to fish the wire somehow.

My mom let me borrow a light. It was pretty cool. It let me see better.

I still couldn’t see the cord!!! I then taped a magnet onto the end of the wire and fed it back into the hole in the wall outside.

The light I borrowed had a magnetized end.

Back when I added the lanterns on thefront of the house, I didn’t have to worry about feeding the wire through the wall. I just made a hole in the garage.

With the two big lanterns, I rearranged my porch furniture and put a lantern on the side table.

The other lantern, I put back on the wall where it use to be.

I taped the white wires with electrical tape, to blend them in.

Then Gorilla tape to securely keep the wire close to the lantern.

I then bought a brown extension cord and a cover connector and buried the cord along the edge of the patio.

The two lanterns are connected to a timer. It is a dusk-to-dawn or 2-hr, 4-hr, 6-hr, 8-hr timer for only $10.

Because it has a photosensor, I couldn't hide it like I wanted it to, but I drew attention away from it with the plants.

I’m really excited about my new outdoor space. We were toying with the idea of screening in the porch, and luckily it didn’t work out.

I really like not being confined to the porch. And the new arrangement of furniture is currently in the way of where a wall would be.

They provide just enough light at night. They come on everynight for two hours.

With the other lights on, the place it lit up very well.

Even without the other lights, it's nice to have a light on  in the backyard, too.

I was really excited about turning my lanterns into something that worked, and now I’m even more excited I found a home for them!

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