Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

Whew! We had a great week! My little surprise last week that I mentioned was that my sister was coming into town with her three girls!

It was the best surprise. Mom had no idea. Kendal and the girls came to my house first. I then called Mom to ask if I could borrow an egg. We loaded into the car and had Caroline go knock on the door. Mom was expecting it to be me.

She couldn’t believe it!

My sister, Kerry was also in town. She comes twice a year to hang out with my mom and see the boys. She didn't know Kendal was coming either. I was told to keep it a secret, and I did. Only Mr. JCrew knew.

We had a great time letting the cousins play. Little JCrew immediately loved Camryn!

She was so great with him and they played non-stop. They are ten years apart, as she is the youngest cousin before Little JCrew came along. I think she liked not being the baby of the family for once.

Mr. Brigglesworth just loved the attention from everyone.

We loved having a house full of guests and lots of mouths to feed.

 Thanksgiving was a lot of good memories.

We even took advantage of the opportunity to get a group picture!! (Minus my brother and sister, Kyle and Logan.)

And a shot of the grandparents will their grandkids (minus the two oldest, Carley and Alex.)

I was dancing behind the camera trying to get the kids to smile. Dad started dancing with me, and I caught it. 

Mr. JCrew and I even snuck away for an hour to participate in Black Friday. We came back empty-handed, but it was fun to see the chaos / organization!

Dad went back into the hospital, but I think this time is already better. My two sisters are nurses and they were concerned. They checked him into the hospital Thursday night and he is doing better.

It’s actually very frustrating and sad. We have put our trust in the doctors and been let down. Each time we leave the hospital, there has been no diagnosis and no plan to keep him out of the hospital. Just weekly doctor’s visits!! My sisters said this circle was about to stop. It also helped that one of my sisters is an attorney AND nurse. She used that power to benefit my dad. People are listening! We have high hopes for him coming out and having a plan that will keep him out of the hospital. I won’t go into details, but there were signs the doctors missed. And things we listed as family illnesses that were ignored as a possible diagnosis.

Moving on, having my family here, we had a lot of fun. I put my nieces to work picking up sticks in my yard! My sisters, Mom and nieces helped me put up the Christmas decorations.

It was actually a fun time. No one minded helping and it went so much faster with extra hands! And everyone said that was one of their favorite parts of the week!

We really did enjoy having everyone at the house. Little JCrew has never said the word “girls” before, but when we got home from running errands the day they left, he was asking to see the girls! I told him they were going home and not here anymore. He was sad. Then Mr. JCrew asked if we needed to adopt some little girls and he responded, “Umm, yes!” We’ll get right on that!

Our last surprise of the week came Sunday. My oldest niece, Carley came to see my dad.

 It was a brief stop on her way home to Florida, but my parents were thrilled to see her.

All that was missing from a week full of family, was my little brother and sister. I just love having a big family. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful time filling your bellies and your hearts. 

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