Friday, February 28, 2014

Door Threshold Fix

I’ve had a lot of little projects going on, and I finally have time to write about them.

First up, a little update to the threshold of the door that leads to the garage.

The way our house came, there was nothing under the threshold in the garage. I didn’t know there needed to be, but if you put your foot in just the right spot, it would sink a little. I wanted to find a pretty solution so that it wouldn’t become a problem in the future.

My sister-in-law had beautiful brick under her threshold in her garage. I have it under the threshold leading out to the back porch.

I took some extra brick I had from lining my flowerbeds and stuck them under the threshold.

It has sat like this for 3 years. The threshold is slanted, so the brick only fit in the middle and to the right, but not the left side. I knew I needed to cut them, but didn’t want to mess with cutting brick.

I then thought if I was going to cut brick, I might as well cut them in half to create the look of the brick outside.

It wasn’t until last month, that I decided to buy a piece of pressure-treated wood that I could cut and paint.

It’s just what I did. I painted it white to match the trim around the door.

Now it looks polished and complete. It has function and looks pretty.

Little JCrew helped of course. Wearing a bike helmet protected him from losing his balance.

The wood was $3 for an 8-foot piece. I had the saw and the paint, so this was an easy and cheap project.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Tip for Cutting Fountain Grass

Alright, so before I get into the details of cutting fountain grass, I have a funny story that I was thinking about the whole time I was cutting the grass. My project/yard work time, is my thinking time. It's physical labor that doesn't require much thought, so I tend to let my brain wonder as I work.

As I did my prep work to cut the grass, I forgot to take before pictures. I figured an in-process photo would suffice. I got my camera and took pictures of the grass. Neighbor-boy two houses down was cutting his grass. I put my camera down and started to cut when he turns off his mower and yells to me, "Hey, I can pose for you." He thought I was taking a picture of him! I laughed and said, "No, I'm taking a picture of my grass." My response sounded lame. But he has no idea of my blog and what random things I cover. I went on cutting my grass and he cut his. As I thought about it, it was Sunday, and our neighborhood has rules that you can't mow your yard or do anything that makes a noise disturbance on Sunday's. I like this rule, but many people don't. I like having one day of peace and quiet. So, if he had a guilty conscience, he knew he was breaking a rule and too cool to care. Or he thought I was taking a picture of what he thought was a hot guy mowing his yard.... Neither scenario true, but funny to imagine what he was thinking I was really doing.

Back to the grass. This is my least favorite chore. Laundry is my second least favorite. This grass and I have a hate-hate relationship. Its blades are so tiny and thin, that they cut me EVERY TIME. This time, I made sure to wear long sleeves and gloves, but I wore shorts and my legs were attacked. Next time, I'll wear pants.

I hate cutting these fountain grasses because they make such a mess. I promise I will never have them in another yard. I'm sure my neighbors hate when I cut them because all the strays get blown into their yards. I tried a trick a few years ago and it didn't work. And I was hoping I wouldn't have to cut them this year and just let the new owner deal with them, but I decided to give it another try and be nice.

I attempted to make bundles of the grass. I used duct tape to secure the bundles. I then started cutting.

As I started cutting, the bundles got loose, so I tightened the duct tape so that no lose blades would escape.

This worked! I was able to cut the bundles and lay them aside.

Clean up was the best part. I just shoved the bundles into garbage bags.

Easy and less mess. The mess is considerably less than normal.

Now, the bushes are ready for their new growth and I have less mess. I know the professionals leave no mess behind, but I've never watched them to it to know how they do it, so I came up with my own way.

It makes me like these bushes a little bit more now that I know how to cut them with less mess.

Bring on the Spring! I'm ready for more green!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad! 2014

It still doesn't feel real.

Today is Dad's 70th birthday!

I can only imagine the party he's having today.

He's got some great company with his family and my brother.

That's the best thought I can have. He's reunited with Michael and I know he is so happy to be.

I miss seeing his sweet smile.

So many good things have happened in the last two weeks, and I know he has been a part of them. I so badly want to share each event with him, but I know he sees it all happening and has the biggest grin on his face.

I wish I could be celebrating Dad's birthday with him, but I know the type of party I would throw him is NOTHING compared to the party he's getting in Heaven. I'm sure they have Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Dad, I know you see me writing to you now. I love you so much and wish you the happiest birthday ever! I can't wait to see you again! I love you!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We didn't get to go to the Nursing Home and deliver Valentine's cards like we did last year, but we still mustered up some energy to make cards for Aunt Kerry and Mimi.

I cut out simple heart shapes out of construction paper and glued them together. Little JCrew loved them.

I wrote a simple message on them and let the kiddos do their own artwork.

They really enjoy participating.

One of those cards is for Mr. JCrew.

And we got roses for our Mimi.

I hope every one has a wonderful Valentine's Day with friends and family. We should always express our love for one another every day of the year. No matter how small the gesture, it will make an impact.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Dad

My dad was not like many. When I look back at his life, I quickly realize how lucky I was to be his. He and my mom had three children; my two sisters and my brother. When my brother died at the age of seven, they had a surgical procedure reversed and I was conceived exactly a year after Michael’s death. My parents then went on to adopt two more children. That’s SIX kids!

My dad was someone very special. He worked a lot to make ends meet. Yet, my dad was there by my side through everything I did. I went to work with him regularly and he taught me his trade. On weekends, he would take me fishing in a catfish pond. After late nights in the dance studio, it was Dad who patiently waited on me and drove me home. And there were some nights he waited for a while and he never complained. He even let me belt out songs on repeat in the truck on the drive home. One of those songs was Celine Dion’s “I’m Your Lady.” I just changed the words to “I’m Your Daughter and You Are My Dad.” I sang that song for him.

My dad was a very patient and kind man. I never heard him utter a bad word to or about anyone. He loved everyone he met. And there was no such thing as a stranger.  He enjoyed being social and telling stories. “Did you hear about the boy who went to the Pediatrician?”

My dad had a wealth of knowledge. I tried to soak up everything he taught me and wish I knew half of the things he did. He should have been a mechanical engineer. The man could fix anything and he had a solution for it all. My dad’s degree was in animal husbandry. He was a cattle buyer for most of his life. It was his love for animals that flowed down to all his kids. And speaking of love, my dad loved food. He was always in the kitchen perfecting Grandma’s recipes. Pound cake was a favorite of his.

My dad was a strong man of faith. I never once saw him doubt, and his faith in God was passed down to us. He enjoyed worshiping the Lord and was at church every chance he could get. He loved music and you could always find his hand drumming to a song that was playing. He was a man of God and he raised us to love God.

We learned what it was like to love someone when we saw my mom and dad together. He was such a Southern gentleman. He was so tender with her and hugged her so softly. He offered her the biggest slice of pie. She wore his coat when it was cold. Their love was an example to us all.

My dad was a man of manners. A guest was always offered a drink; even to his visitors that recently visited him at home while he was sick. He was asking guests if they wanted a cup of coffee or a glass of Ginger Ale. He was a giving man and offered everything he had. He had a peppermint in his pocket for each child when he got home. Today, he would have wanted us to offer you all peppermints and thank you for coming.

We can never say thank you enough to the friends Dad made quickly in the short time he was here in Huntsville, but each one of you are a blessing. Dad was loved and he felt it. He made friendships that felt like they were 40 years long. We have lost a father and a friend but we are reminded how lucky we are. Fathers like him are hard to find. 

-Lindsay "Liz"


It's been a while... January went by too fast. I tried to soak in every moment and I took a lot of pictures.

On February 5, my dad passed away. As part of my healing process, I will be remembering my dad and sharing him with you. I wish everyone could have known him like my family and I did.

Later today, I will share the speech that I spoke at his memorial service. It was a beautiful time and it was a healing experience. My dad loved music and there was lots of it played. Some of his favorite pieces and a piece that he recorded of my older sister playing the piano.

The journey ahead is a hard one. First words I spoke in the days after was that I was not strong enough to handle this. And I'm not, but I am leaning on God and my family and friends.

Our time here on earth is precious. We are sent here with a purpose. Dad raised an amazing family and was a great role model.

My dad was a big reader of the blog and he helped me with every project. If I came to a problem, he came up with a solution. He gave me tips and pointers. He was so proud when I dry-wall repaired my ceiling all by myself! It will be hard to do my projects without him to help or share the end result with. But I will keep on because he taught me everything I know and I want to share it with everyone.

Thank you family and friends for being there for my mom and family. We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

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