Tuesday, April 29, 2014

House News

Things have been CRAZY! So crazy, that my creativity was gone. My creativity to write and to design. But, I’m happy to say, my creativity has returned and I’m ready to write again!

The last update on the house, I was explaining that we switched my gas stove with my mom’s electric. We dropped the price on the house, and we wanted to take the gas stove with us.

That was on March 30th. I had plans to find an inexpensive dishwasher to swap out with my nice dishwasher, but I had no luck. I was going to pay for a really cheap one, but then that plan came to a halt. We found a buyer for our house! Before I go further into explanation, let’s just say the detailed sheet I gave out with my flyers listed that we had a gas stove and a new fancy dishwasher. This buyer is keen to details and would notice if I took out the nice dishwasher, so it will remain. He noticed the stove was not gas, and he asked where it was, but he was okay with keeping the electric. Whew. What a nice guy.

So, here we were on March 31st. I get a phone call from someone wanting to see the house. He came over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. He made us an offer and we accepted. I don’t think we could have found us a better owner for our house. He loves the house/yard as much as I do. That’s all I could ask for. I know it sounds silly, but I wanted to find the RIGHT person that would continue to take care of my the house.

The contract is not typical and I spent three days researching it. He offered a Lease-to-Purchase contract. Normally these are done where a tenant rents for 2-5 years with desire to purchase at the end of the lease. This kind of contract would have been perfect for my house in Florida!

My sister-in-law made a similar contract on a house. It was a delayed closing. They are moving to a different city, but didn’t want to uproot the kids during school. They made an offer on a house in January, with a closing in May. I asked how they made the seller confident that they would hold up their end of the deal. She said they put enough money down with their offer, that it would be painful to walk away from.

So, there are non-typical contracts out there that work. Our contract won’t be for 2-5 years (thank goodness!) The buyer will move in late June with the plan to purchase in November/December. He signed a year lease, and has the option to buy any time during the lease.

Another cool fact about our buyer, is he already lives in the neighborhood. He has been renting a house around the corner from us for the last three years! And from what I can tell, he is a good tenant. I’ve never known the yard to look bad, ugly curtains hanging in the windows, loud parties ... nothing. He is your model tenant! It’s great to know we don’t have to sell him on our great neighborhood. He knows it and loves it. How awesome!

We are excited for our next adventure. In the meantime, we will crash at my mom’s house until her house sells. When that happens, my in-laws have opened their home to us to crash. That would be a lot of people, but it would be temporary. We won’t break ground on our next house until the deed is transferred over to the new homeowner. It’s the safe way to do it. Luckily, we don’t have to wait forever. If I go ahead and get done with the design and negotiating with the builder, November will be here before I lift my head to breathe!

Are you ready?

Pictures for Pinterest

I'm sorry to do this here, but I want to link the pictures of this post to Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great thing. I am a dreamer and I love visual representation to help me generate ideas.

I can copy a complete design, or take a piece of it and mesh it with another.

Before Pinterest came along, I just right-clicked on a photo and saved it to my hard drive.

The label for the photo would mention what in the photo made me want to save that picture.

However, I have pictures that I don't know where they came from.

There is a beautiful set of outdoor furniture that I saved the picture for, but I have no information for it.

So, this post is for a side-project I am doing for my neighborhood.

I have pictures I saved, but I don't have links for them. So, I am dumping them here. I need to pin them to share with a group of folks and so here they are.

Sorry to bore you with a random post. And I apologize I don't have real sources for these images.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Visit 2014

The main reason we traveled to Florida at the beginning of the month, was to have the entire immediate family get together to celebrate Dad's life. Not everyone could travel up to Alabama back in February. It's hard to get such a large group together. There are five siblings and seven grandchildren.

Two of those grandchildren are in their twenties and have lives of their own.

The other three grandchildren, are in middle school and high school and have lives, too!

I'm just happy we could get together.

We met up at my sister's house and carivan'd to the cemetery.

We went to my brother's grave.

We then each took our turn pouring a small cup of Dad's ashes into the hole at my brother's grave. Even Little JCrew wanted to take a turn.

It was a nice time to reflect. We have lost two great male's in our family. Ones that we loved greater than we thought we could ever love.

While at the cemetery, we took pictures of the entire family together. Seize the moment.

And after our quiet time, we went on to Sonny's BBQ to eat dinner. Dad loved that place.

I was so glad we could get together again. Little JCrew has loved seeing his family so much. He has grown to love "the girls" and wants to do everything they do.

Even through difficult times, I really have enjoyed seeing my family so much. There's just nothing better.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Farm Hands

Just a quick update with LOTS of pictures.

My mom and I took the boys to Florida last week. We just got back Sunday night. Mr. JCrew had fun watching all the dogs.

We did a lot of fun things while in Florida... and it didn't include Disney! I'll probably be writing several different times to cover all the things we did, but I wanted to share the animal pictures first.

As mentioned many a times, my sister manages a farm sanctuary. Once neglected, unwanted or abused farm animals come to her farm to live in peace and with a lot of love. The last time Little JCrew was there, he was 4 months old. I knew he would have a blast, but I didn't know what Mr. Brigglesworth would think.

He warmed up quickly. He liked the cows, until their long tongues came out to grab the food.

Goats were more his height and he loved them!

He had no problem walking right into their pasture and feeding them lettuce. This is when I knew he was very comfortable.

The horses were a favorite. They followed us everywhere.

A boy and his donkey.

The pigs were fun and LOVED their belly rubs. She fell asleep within two minutes!

Mr. Brigglesworth looked so BIG walking on the farm by himself. He really gained a lot of confidence on this trip!

We've been getting our eggs from a farm in Tennessee, but it was great for Little JCrew to SEE the chickens lay the eggs.

He then told the chickens they couldn't have their eggs back. Did you know chickens will eat their own eggs?

Of course, the turkeys were a hit, too. Little JCrew had no problem pointing out their body parts.

We couldn't forget to say, "Hi" to Butterscotch the goat. Her legs are her disability, but she wanted to play so bad when she saw the boys there!

Logan now has her house on the farm, so her personal animals are all right there; including tortoises in the front yard!

She has a smaller one inside the house. Both boys enjoyed her.

I think I have as much fun on the farm as the boys do. Seeing them all giddy with excitement gets me excited!

This will definitely be the highlight of our future trips. The boys can watch the animals grow! And soon, they'll be big enough to help with the work.

Thank you, Logan, for allowing us to come play with the animals. Love you!
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