Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Was Here

My yard is alive again, and I am REALLY going to miss it.

I planted my annuals and moved all my pots to get ready to take with me.

As I was planting the annuals, I knew the timing of their growth would be perfect with the timing of our move. I would get to see them pretty big and the new owner would walk into a beautiful yard!

The Heaven Scent Gardenias I planted before Mr. Brigglesworth was born did not make the winter. They have started to come back, but I planted annuals around them so the space wasn't so bare.

The yard has really come together. I find every reason to go outside or peak out the window.

Even when it storms, I think it is pretty.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in this yard. Not every plant survived.

Dogwoods need shade

All my lessons I will take with me to the new house. I will have a new yard to design and grow. I plan to do it in phases like I did this house..

I have a plan, but I know that plan can change. Once with framing goes up on the house, I will be able to see what views I will have, and I will take advantage of those views. Just like I did in the kitchen. I think this is the best view.

The door is open and you are drawn to look outside.

The side window isn’t bad either. The trees give great privacy and they get to show of their flowers in the summer.



The new owner walked around and asked me to identify everything. I then sent him my yard layout that says exactly what each plant is. I’m glad I did that. I had already forgotten what type of azalea I planted two years ago. I have a good feeling the yard will be continued to be cared for.

One thing that will not remain with the house are Nana’s Iris’s.

Those have meaning and I can’t leave them behind. She gave them to me before Little JCrew was born. 

This yard really sold our house. The new owner even came over two weekends ago and told us he was positioning the bed differently so that he could take advantage of the view we created.

It's come a long way from this...

I'm glad to have enjoyed it all these years and excited to create a new one.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taking the Home Out of the House

Now that the majority of things are in storage, the house doesn’t feel like home anymore. It feels like we just moved in, with the exception of an awesome yard!

Today, I’m sharing what the house currently looks like with things off the wall, no décor and empty closets.

The living room still felt full because of the massive couch.

The rug is clean and rolled up. The pictures are off the wall and the “tower” as I call it, is in storage. 

Over this past weekend, Mr. JCrew's brother-in-law lent us his truck and we moved the big items. The couch, rug, ottoman are now of out the room.

The air mattress made its way into the living room now.

The dining room still has the table, but the rug is clean and rolled up as well. It has become my drop station since the foyer table is gone.

The kitchen has some empty cabinets. It’s been the last thing I was packing because of what we still use. We are making sure to eat everything in our large pantry, since we will have a smaller one. The dishes will be packed up soon and we’ll eat off paper plates. I’ve got the bubble wrap ready, just need to get more boxes.

The boys’ bedrooms are the most dramatic. Little JCrew’s room has mattresses only. I joke that the two little guys are sleeping on a king size mattress. They love it.

Mr. Brigglesworth’s room did just have his dresser and chest of drawers.

The dresser went to storage, while the chest comes with us. We'll use it for the boys' clothes. Now this room is my packing room. And thanks to Julie, I have a million boxes calling my name!

The new owner likes the pallet wall. He did ask questions about it as to why I did it. Kind of funny when I told him because I wanted to! Ha. But he said he liked it.

The master bedroom is empty. This room remained unchanged for a while, until we got the truck. I then took the clothes out of drawers and they are in makeshift drawers/bins until we move into Mom's house.

We did have the air mattress on the floor, but as you saw, it got moved to the living room.

The bonus room is also just as dramatic as the boys’ rooms.

It is completely empty. It was the room I wanted to empty first, but Little JCrew’s room won that contest. I sold most things in the room. The train table is currently at Mom’s house and the desk is in storage. I sold the couch, loveseat and bookcases (2 different sets). There was one bookcase Mom told me to hold on to because it was a good size to put in a closet someday. Great thinking, Mom!

And that’s it! The porch furniture is off the porch and spread out with my mom’s neighbors.They all openly welcomed rental furniture to use on their porch for the next year. It looks great! 

 The boys' big playhouse is over at Mom's along with other outdoor toys. Her tiny yard is filling up!

I’m kind of enjoying the emptiness of the house. It is weird but also calming. You don’t need a lot of things. Yes, décor makes a house feel inviting, but what makes it a home, is who you share it with. I’m making so many memories playing on the floor and finding unconventional toys to play with, that it really makes me evaluate all the “Stuff” we have. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

These Boys Have My Heart

Happy Friday! I'm going to get back with the program and give family updates on Friday.

I am REALLY enjoying the current age of the boys. Mr. Brigglesworth is so full of personality. He definitely loves Little JCrew and mimics everything he does.

The above picture is from Mother's Day. These boys treated me right. They made me meals and made me a card. All I asked for was time to get things done around the house. My wish was granted. Thanks boys!

I love Mr. Briggleworth's expressions!

He has the cutest smirk and a beautiful smile that he uses to get his way!

After bath time, the boys love to wear their towels as capes and be Super Hero's!

This never gets old.

We introduced baseball to Little JCrew. We took him to a little league game and he loved it! It helped he had a friend on the field to watch, but we put a bat in his hand, and kept wanting to practice!

We also introduced basketball to him, and he's the same way. He keeps practicing over and over!

Washing our hands is a fun chore. I'll catch Little JCrew in there all by himself.

It's cute to hear the toilet flush and then the water running. He doesn't tell us he has to use the bathroom anymore, he just goes!

The belly holds him up and usually the legs are spread further out gripping the cabinets below. Too funny!

And speaking of bellies, Mr. Brigglesworth's belly gets hung up every time he tries to get down from something.

I always said I wanted to plant trees first in our yard, so that by the time we had kids, the trees were big enough to climb. Not all of them are, but the boys have had fun on the ones they can!

Mr. Brigglesworth gets a few inches off the ground, and then he's good.

Little JCrew just keeps climbing.

Oh, these boys keep me on my toes. For being such adventurous boys, they don't make me nervous. I am always surprised at what they do and I think it's fine. Never did I ever imagine I would be that way.

I always pictured having more than one boy, and I am so glad I do. I'm even more glad that I have them close together. They love each other and you can see that. Little JCrew wakes up before Mr. Brigglesworth, and he is so antsy to wake little bro up. They make each other laugh and cry. Little JCrew likes to tell Mr. Brigglesworth the correct answer when little bro gets it wrong!

Mr. Brigglesworth has caught on to MANY words. He says so many, and at times you don't know which kid is talking!

This really is such a fun age. My babies forever you will be!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sleeping on the Floor

Once I sold the twin bed system, I moved Little JCrew to a mattress on the floor. He loved it. We had no problem.

Then I tried Mr. Brigglesworth in there. He wasn’t too fond. He was use to his room and he’d cry til I put him in there. But I knew in the back of my head, that our trip to Florida would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to sleeping in the same room and different beds.

It was great. I only had to separate them at nap time.

Little JCrew had Simon the cat as a sleeping buddy.

Once we got back from Florida, Mr. Brigglesworth has been sleeping at night with Little JCrew on the floor. The boys love it! Without anything in the room, there is an echo. The boys wrestle on the mattresses and have found a new kind of fun.

Yes, the room is empty. This was the first room to become empty. Last weekend, we moved the bookcases to storage. The closet is still full, but that will be a last minute thing. I put away all clothes that I had that would be too big even a year from now. I vacuum-sealed those things. I tell ya, that is one of my favorite inventions!

Now the boys can even nap together. Little JCrew wakes up Mr. Brigglesworth, so at my mom’s house, they nap separate. But we now had to put the mattress on the floor at Mom’s house. He is use to that and no longer wanted to get in the crib at her house.

The cutest thing I love seeing is the boys open the door and just walk out after they have woken up. They have a new independence. I don’t have to come in to a crying baby! It is so nice!

Mr. JCrew and I are not yet sleeping on the floor. This weekend we will move our bed and Mom has loaned us her air mattress. Moving day, we will rent a truck to take it and other big items to storage.

Monday, May 19, 2014


The first thing I packed were the décor on the walls. I have boxes and boxes of frames in storage now.

The good thing about a late closing is you have MONTHS to pack! I have been taking this slowly and I love the pace. We rented a storage unit when the size we wanted became available and we have been slowly filling it up.

Luckily, there is a storage unit 1-mile away. We can take a box or two on our way to work. Usually we take car loads on the weekend.

The coolest product I have found, also comes with a pricetag. Ziploc storage bags. You fill them, then take your vacuum hose to it to suck all the air out. I did all the bedding, pillows, clothes, and jackets like this. Even some extra towels and the shower curtains.

I was amazed. I didn’t need boxes for these items. I realized I needed it when I tried to put Little JCrew’s bed pillows in my largest box. Only four fit!

These bags can add up in expense. Costco had them on sale for the month of April. That turned out to be a good deal. I bought more than I planned for, because I knew I could find things to put in them.

Our storage unit is getting there. This picture was taken after I re-arranged. I had to show Mr. JCrew you could stack things to use the vertical space. As of this morning, there are even MORE things stacked high and the floor space remains open. Now I wish I had taken a picture. I think you'd be impressed. 

I dreaded packing, but stretching it out over time is helping. Another good thing with having time to pack, is I get to use my time to go through things before I pack them. If I was in a hurry, I’d be throwing things into a box without analyzing the need for it. If I no longer have a need, I am finding a new home for it.

I kind of like this activity called, packing. 
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