Monday, June 2, 2014

Toilet Plumbing

I have an update I never wrote about. I upgraded the plumbing in the toilet.

This came after an incident when my cousin, sister and nieces came into town back in January the toilet broke! Literally, right as they walked in the door.

It was Mr. JCrew’s fault. I’m throwing him under the bus. He doesn’t know his own strength.

All the toilets have old plumbing mechanics. It’s the ball-wand thing. The ball helps gauge when the tank is full of water. The way our flap was positioned, the flap would get stuck open and the tank would just keep running. This only happened if you held the flush lever down too long; long enough for the flap to lift up high enough to get stuck open.

I’d always listen for the running toilet. If it was still running after a minute, I would go in there, lift the lid and get the flap back down. It would stop running almost immediately.

Well, Mr. JCrew went to fix the running toilet and he broke the wand the ball is attached to!

Didn’t see that happening. So, we had our visitors use the other two bathrooms while we all got situated and then I took one of my nieces with me to get a replacement part. I thought I could just buy a new wand… no such thing. The technology has changed to these:

I bought two. I didn’t know which I needed. One was $9 the other was $11. They stated they were an upgrade to new technology, saved water, ran quieter and an overall improvement.

I installed the $11 one into the hall bath. It said it would be quiet, and oh is it! I purposefully used that toilet over the others. It was quick to fill the toilet tank and it did so in a quiet way.

Awesome stuff! The $9 unit I put in the master toilet. It’s not as quiet, but very similar to the other unit. If I had to choose, I’d choose the $11 over and over.

Now I mentioned we replaced the flaps in the toilet tanks first. This was a few years back. It came after our neighbor had a flood while he was out of town. He came back to a flooded house. The plumber discovered the toilet flaps had warped! This was common. The warp allowed the seal to not be very good and the flooding occurred. The plumber endorsed the use of red toilet flappers. They were less prone to warp. If you do not have red toilet flappers, he recommended checking on or totally replacing the toilet flappers once a year.

Our neighbor told us all this information and I went out that weekend and bought red toilet flappers. I even put it in my Google Calendar to check the flappers once a year. I am glad to say that after four years, our red flappers are still great! When we took off the white flappers, they were already warped. That was after being in the house for one year! We had a flood waiting to happen.

That was a little hidden update that not many people know about. I get giddy thinking about my new toilet insides. And no one knows what my smile is about! I love them so much, that I will make sure the toilets in the new house have good insides! Whether I buy the inexpensive kits or have toilets that come with them; somehow the insides will be good!

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