Thursday, June 12, 2014

Townhome Living

Well, we are all moved in to Mom's place and settled. We've been here a week and I love it. Mr. JCrew says we should have done this a long time ago.

It is a 1600 square foot townhome with one car garage. We are able to fit all three cars in her driveway without having to park in the street (against neighborhood covenants to park on street overnight)

I really do enjoy the small space. It forces you to be organized and clean up after yourself. If you don't pick up, the mess leaves you no where to walk or sit.

The kids share a bathroom and closet with Mr. JCrew and me. I like this arrangement. It is easy to get us all ready in the morning. Although I say this now as they are small children; I'm sure once they are pre-teen age and older, I will appreciate not having to share a closet or bathroom with my children.

The house is lined with our extra furniture, but it still doesn't feel cramped.

We all hang out in the living room and it's great.

I am so thankful for my mom for taking us in. I think we made her a little nervous when we first moved in, but we are settled in now and I think she is great. We even brought all of our outdoor toys.

We've always had a lot of people in the house, so I think it is what she is used to.

I mentioned we divided our porch furniture among my mom's neighbors to borrow. She still has our glider along with the kids' bikes, our grill and some plants I potted that I removed from our old house. (We will plant them at the new house.)

From a distance, it doesn't look bad. Even when you walk up, I'm trying to keep it from looking so red-neck!

This new adventure is off to an awesome start. We don't know our timeline or the exact plan, and shockingly, I am okay with that. I am open to whatever the future holds!

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  1. That is so fantastic! No wonder there is a huge movement to downsize and go minimalist. It sounds like it fits you guys perfectly, and you're handling it with grace and joy. I bet your mom loves having you guys around all the time!


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