Monday, November 3, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We had a great time meeting with family to visit the local pumpkin patch. We went on a Friday in the middle of October. It was not as crowded as the following weeks that I heard about.

The Patch is a great place near by. It has a great big blob the kids bounce on.

Little JCrew did not want to go on it at first, but at the end of our visit, both boys got on to jump and loved it.

The kids love petting the animals.

Mr. Brigglesworth really wanted to hold a bunny all by himself. I was scared he’d choke it, so he did not and then a fit took place.

Little JCrew ran up the stairs and down the slide at least 50 times. There was never a long wait and he loved it.

They had moved the corn bins, but I found them.

 Uncle Derek liked pouring the corn on the boys' heads.

They loved it.

Then they started to get Daddy.

And we took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.

Getting the boys to pick out a pumpkin was hard. They were indecisive.

I ended up picking out their pumpkins for them.

There was a train ride the older cousins wanted to go on. I didn't think mine would want to, let alone, sit still. I was surprised when I saw Little JCrew on the ride!

 The next turn, Mr. Brigglesworth and I got on there.

 Mr. Brigglesworth was all about the tractors.

And there were some old machines with slides coming out of them that both boys liked.

And Mr. Brigglesworth enjoyed talking to the animals this time.

Afterward we met up for dinner, and that was a treat. Ever since Mr. JCrew’s sister moved closer, it has been so nice for the cousins to get together so often.

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