Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Windows Are In

That final stretch was long. It wasn't until yesterday that everything was in place as far as framing goes. Those little odds and ends added up.

The guys spent Wednesday getting the attic perfect. The temporary support was taken down as it would be used to build the porch.

And the porch was built and awesome!

It now gives the house a farmhouse feel.

The foyer cased opening is framed to be ten inches wide.

It was little things like that. Oh, and the wall where the antique window will go was finally framed!

And the walls where plumbing pipes stuck out, those walls were furred out.

And you can't just furr out part of it; the whole wall had to be.

On Thursday, the windows were delivered.

And they were installed.

You can tell the difference in sill depth for ICF vs wood framing.

The house started looking so different with windows.

I loved it.  We did have three things we have to fix regarding windows. One came with a broken top sash. I was notified upon delivery and they are replacing it. Then we had one set of windows come without the vertical grille on the bottom sashes. New sashes are on their way.

Doors were delivered too, but they are loaners. The framer says this is a good thing because the doors will get dinged up when doing brick and such. They will be installed and the frames will remain. When the door slabs come in, they'll be replaced.

On Friday, I had a hard decision to make. It was how I wanted my roof lines finished. The framer gave me three options. An angled birdbox, a flat birdbox or a hip birdbox. I liked them all for different reasons and the drawings didn't show that detail. I immediately said I liked the hip birdbox. I can use metal or shingles for them. Then I second-guessed myself. Until I saw the crew did two for me to judge. I liked them.

Wrapping was installed everywhere on Saturday. The crew tried to on Friday, but the wind was so bad, the guys were struggling. The inside of the house was priority on Saturday, because the plumber came on Monday! Tubs were delivered and installed and it's awesome!

The roofer was also scheduled to come yesterday, but our shingles are back ordered. We've had some storms come in and rip off the felt paper, so we need to fix that. But I'm hoping the shingles come soon!

This is now when the craziness picks up. I have so many contractors lined up ready to do their part. And walking through the house is awesome. The boys love to come visit.

They dare each other to go upstairs when they know Mom says, "No."

And Little JCrew already knows where everything is. We had strangers walk in when we were there and he was not bashful. He told them where everything was and asked them to follow him upstairs. They politely declined. He is just like his Poppa!

I'll leave off with a happy note. We spent Sunday and Monday getting all the water out of the house. It looked awesome all week. We finally could go in all the rooms with out rainboots on.

But the rain on Sunday brought in the water because of the missing felt and two missing windows. Our plumber was so kind to sweep it all out yesterday. I can't wait for no more worrying about the rain.

UPDATE 4-26-2015:
We bought Plygem brand windows. They are vinyl and clay in color. I went for price when selecting them. I almost selected a Southern Rose window that really impressed me, but the price was higher. I wasn't impressed with the Anderson brand. For what they cost, they felt like a Plygem. I wasn't willing to pay for Anderson. But now that we have had the windows installed and have had time to mess around with them, I am already regretting my decision to go with Plygem. One set of windows came with the bottom sashes missing the vertical grille I wanted. Then the replacement sashes sent, we're poor quality. Another window sash had the vertical crooked! I have yet to receive the replacement sash for it. Another grille is slightly crooked and it is starting to get on my nerves. And another window, I just discovered, has the spring busted on one side! It feels like these windows were pushed out and no one checked them. It's something as simple as quality control. I know my work wouldn't take this lack of quality. Our products are judged upon delivery, and we don't get paid until we pass quality control. The experience is already putting a sour taste in my mouth about the brand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Framing Home Strech

Another weekend with a lot of updates!

On Friday, we had some rainy weather, but the crew worked inside. They were busy getting the stairs ready.

They finished the hip roof over the kitchen, so I finally understood what they were doing.

It was originally, just a low sloped roof that would be metal, but for some reason, it needed to be changed. The plywood could then be applied to the back.

Felt was laid on the stair hip roof, and a little detail piece was added to the top of the gable.

Horizontal pieces of wood were put in-between studs.

Anything that could be done on the inside, was done.

And I see the reason for part of the master trey ceiling not being finished. They were using it for access while we had no stairs.

On Saturday, we saw the crew taking apart the garage. They had assumed it was the same the whole way across.


I was willing to tolerate it, but the crew realized their mistake when it came to where the garage and kitchen roof meet.

It is now SO MUCH better!

I am happy they corrected it. It gave a little more detail to the back porch by correcting it.

The lead framer was there checking progress, and he told us we could go upstairs!! Woohoo!

I had not yet seen upstairs, and I was so excited.

The boys will start off sharing Little JCrew's room.

But when they get older, they have the option to move into separate rooms.

There is also a spare bedroom for family and future kids.

On Monday, the crew finished up the decking and felt for the garage.

The crew also boarded up Mom's gable on Monday.

Her porch is so cute now that it has a roof on it. She will get a metal roof over her porch.

And they started boarding up the front of the house. I was told they wouldn't do the front until they started the front porch. The front porch is the last thing left to do.

Besides the porch, there is a couple odd-end things to finish that they left to do on a rainy day. Then the wrap will go on and we can get windows, door and shingles! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Roof Decking

A lot of progress has been made in this wonderful weather!

Last Thursday (March 12th), the crew started the garage trusses. 

They even left a spot for attic access.

Last Friday, it was suppose to rain and didn't. The framing crew didn't show up because of the forecast. I complained and God laughed the next day. I told the framing crew to be out there on Saturday, and it rained!

Not much got done, but I paid for a full day of labor. They studded the wall to the gable over mom's portion of the house. When they do this, they also create the overhang.

They also trussed the gable roof over the back porch.

The weather turned beautiful on Sunday and continued into Wednesday. I've never seen the crew get so much done as they did on Monday. They started by studding gable walls and creating the overhangs.

I saw a patch of plywood decking and thought they just *might* start that today.

That was at lunch time when I was dropping the kiddos home from school. Sure enough, when I came home from work, there was decking on the roof!

They "plywood'd" the whole roof to the second floor and the front part of Mom's gable. The next day, they were out there at 7AM working on getting the rest of the plywood up.

There was a hiccup we ran into when dealing with the roof line. The drawings didn't show a slanted ceiling line at the top of the stairs, but the gable roof sure did cut into the stairwell.

I didn't want to lose the space, so the framer came up with a great idea! Add a window at the top of the stairs and create a small hip roof to camouflage and not take away from the gable behind it.

I really liked the idea and gave it the green light. But I got REALLY excited when I realized what it did to the inside. I thought it was just going to light up the staircase, until I realized how the loft is open and the window will benefit the sitting area! Score!

On Tuesday, while they were applying plywood, we also got the dormers framed!

That was a whole new step that really "wow'd" me. The dormers really made an impact!

The framers then started adding plywood to the sides of the gables. But the end of our side and the end of Mom's side still do not have the plywood.

There are still some pieces left unfinished. The roofline over the kitchen is incomplete. A metal roof was going to go there, but now they say there is an issue with the tilt of the roof and they are doing something different. I'm anxious to see what they come up with.

On Wednesday, they surprised me with felt paper on the roof!

I was sursprised because I was told to schedule the shingle delivery for March 30th. But this allowed them to work on the inside on Thursday while it rained. Smart!

On Thursday, it started off rainy, but cleared up. My crew didn't stay long. They laid the hip roof on the stairwell.

And they started on the stairs!

I was told this would be one of the last things they would do. It is a pain for them to use the ladder, but it is for everyone's safety. Neighbors are curious and snoop in houses. I'm one of them! The second floor is not safe for ANYONE to be roaming around, so their access is denied. I will be so excited when I can finally see the second floor.

There is A LOT of water still in the house. Looks like a day's worth of work to get shop vac's over there to get it all up. The sun is not drying it up now that we have a roof. And the temp isn't quite hot enough yet.

And I am still infatuated with the roof line. I knew it was important, but I also didn't weigh the impact it had on making it look bigger or smaller. But I will say, gable roofs make a house look huge! And I'm thinking of all the attic space I will have!!! There is a whole third floor up there I can use! No bending over as you walk around. 

The next date I am looking forward to is the window and door installation. Delivery is scheduled for Thursday!! I cannot wait!

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