Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sunny and 75

Our weather is "All In" when it participates. Not even two weeks ago we had an ice storm. Sunday, Monday and today, we're in the high seventies with plenty of sunshine.

I made the boys get outside and play. It was like a whole new experience! Being cooped up all winter gets old. These boys have energy!

I transformed the boys' playhouse into a greenhouse for Winter. I may be too early, but I got those plants out of there and into the sun.

A lot of the plants were poking through and coming "back-to-life."

This might be my favorite time of year.

I also have a hydrangea baby that survived my neglect. I cut it from my mom's hydrangea and dipped it in root hormone. I didn't water it once, but I did have it in a tiny greenhouse of its own. I went to throw it away. It missed the trashcan. I picked it up to see green leaves. It's a keeper. It had a will to live!

I also moved the greenhouse so that the sun would help the grass grow. In a few months, we'll be selling this townhouse. I'm trying not to have so much sod I need to buy.

Little JCrew was so excited to have his house back. He took one look and told me, "Mom, you fixed it! There are no more plants!" You're welcome, buddy.

I also spent Thursday, Friday and Sunday planting six trees! That was my workout for the month. I haven't done anything physical in a long time. Swinging the pickaxe definitely got the blood flowing.

I've missed the sunshine. I'm so glad it's back.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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