Thursday, August 27, 2015

Exterior Paint Final Look

I looked back at when I shared the exterior paint, and I realized the brick was not up yet! It looked good then, but you didn’t get to see the whole picture. 

For a while, the house was half-painted and looked unfinished. It was embarrassing. We had to wait for the siding to be complete.

The metal roof guys had to take apart a dormer window’s siding, and the mason’s caused some damage to the siding on Mom’s porch, so we needed that fixed. Our siding guy was difficult to get ahold of. I had our interior trim guy hang the base cap to create wainscoting on the outside.

It helped give a finishing detail. When we finally got ahold of the siding guy, he came out the next week. The next hard part was getting the painters to show up! They kept promising days and not showing up. When they finally did show up, it rained! Slowly but surely we got the final paint up there.

Columns were painted…

The front porch roof color was corrected…

The back porch was finally painted.

And the "tower" was finally painted.

This was my vision and I was happy with it, but my builder and Mr. JCrew questioned the one-color look. Mr. JCrew and the builder both suggested I use another color to help the detail stand out. I trusted Mr. JCrew just like I trusted him with the dormer colors and it turned out great!

It ties in the tower with the tudor look we were trying to achieve.

Now I look back at the one color and think it looks awful! So glad I listened to Mr. JCrew. I will gladly give him all the credit.

The porch columns were no longer white, thank goodness! They were standing out too much. 

Now I just have to get the exterior doors painted. I think they are leaving that as the last thing to do because we still had a lot of people entering the house. They will be painted the darkest color I chose.

Love it! Now the house looks complete and not half-done. Paint is a wonderful thing!

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