Monday, January 30, 2017

Laundry Room

Alright. If I can pass on one piece of wisdom when designing a house, it would be this... make room for two sets of washers and dryers.

Yes, it is a game-changer! We designed for it and I am in love! We designed the house as a means to combine two households. We had a pair of washer/dryer Mom and Dad had a pair of washer/dryer. Both sets worked great, and we didn't feel like choosing which set to keep and trying to get rid of the unwanted set, so we designed a laundry room to accommodate both.

It made sense, as we are a large family and it was planned to become larger. Having two sets would help with the time required to wash all those clothes. But I would get two sets even if my family was only a family of four. We don't just wash clothes around here. You have towels, bedding, pet bedding, cloth furniture... all the non-clothes items.I can get all of our laundry done and it feels like it should have taken longer! It is amazing.

Laundry was not my favorite chore. Always time consuming and took place in a small closet-sized room. It was part of the reason I took attention to making the space fun for me so I would want to be in there. I wanted a fun color in my house and I was drawn to this turquoise color. I kept trying to find a spot to use it. Then I saw YoungHouseLove paint the ceiling of the office in their showhouse a fun color and that was it!

I didn't realize how similar my color palette turned out to be until I went to grab a picture from their site. Almost same ceiling color and a pink/white rug. I used to have a yellow rug in the laundry room, and the pink one was upstairs in Pfitzer's bathroom, but when we found out Baby Pfitzer was a boy, I switched the rugs out.

I wanted the walls to be white so that they blended with the cabinets and appliances. Plus, a white space feels clean.

I picked a black sink though. This sink has a washboard in it, perfect for a laundry room. We also wanted a sink that was deep to serve as a tub for dog-bathing in the winter. I realized through trials that I needed a sink in the laundry room. I was constantly using a bathroom sink to soak stained clothes until I could wash them, but there might have been a time or two when we had unexpected guests that those clothes were still in the sink.

I didn't do anything special with the counters in the laundry. They are a formica with a  little bit of a shimmer. It wasn't my first choice at all, but I worked with what the company had.

This winter I added a backsplash. I love it! I love it so much, that I am already planning time to add a backsplash on the other wall behind the washers and dryers.

And eventually we will add plantation shutters to the window. I kept that window open because it has the window on the interior wall that we used to get more natural light into that hall way, and I felt a window covering would block that light.

But the plantation shutters can have the bottom closed while the top is open, so we will most likely keep the top portion open at all times so we don't miss that light.

The laundry room door has a glass insert. The laundry room is on Mom's side of the house, and she was very adamant about it not being dark around here. The door has a glass film with a design on it. It muffles the view of the laundry room, but yet you can still see in there pretty good and the light comes through.

If guests get a tour of the house, the laundry room is what they remember. I think most are in shock to see two washers and dryers, but I can't say it enough... it's awesome!

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Office

I have so much to share! First, 2016 was one of my favorite years! The number 16 is special to both myself and Mr. JCrew! And then our third boy was born in 2016. September 2016 marked one year in the new house, and it's about time I share some progress on the inside.

I envy those that can decorate a space in a month and it look great. I have to live in a space a while to figure it out. Even though I designed our house, there were pieces to the puzzle to still solve.

The office in the house has pretty much stayed the same since we moved in, and I absolutely love it!

The wall color is the same from the bonus room at our old house.

I love blues and this one just never got old. I envisioned a white desk with the warmth of stained wood and knew it would look sharp.

My mom found a white writing desk at a refurbish furniture store and bought it. We crammed it into her townhome while we were building, but I knew just the spot for it.

It is suppose to be a place for the boys to do their work, but right know it houses the piano. And above it is a cork board to pin up their artwork.

On the opposite end of the office, I have frames with the boys' artwork as well. Some art is too large for frames and it goes on the cork board. I rotate the art in the frames about twice a year. They come home with soooo many things! But there are some really unique pieces that are frame-worthy.

In the office, we also have my rocking chair. This rocking chair may not have the looks, but it has the magic! This chair was from my childhood. I fell asleep in it many times. Even as I got older, my mom would rock me in it. I also rock myself to sleep in it when I am rocking my babies.

When I designed the desk, I knew I wanted many work surfaces. I bring my work home a lot, and I was tired of using the dining room table as my desk. I wanted somewhere I could stay set up. And Mr. JCrew likes to spread out when he is working on school work. The desk has been perfect.

Mr. JCrew's chair is still the same from the old house. It was a chair he got from work that they were going to throw away. It is solid. A few years back, I refinished the wood.

I didn't necessarily want the chairs to match. The chair on my side is a floor model from Pottery Barn. I think my mom saw it and told me about it. I got it for super cheap and there wasn't a think wrong with it. Maybe one scratch, but I'd be putting scratches in it soon!

The computer tower is in the filing cabinet part in the middle. I hated to do it, but I cut holes in the desk for the cords.

The holes in the top were tricky. I didn't now want to mess up there. I had hole cutters to attach to my drill.

We have two printers, which I guess seems like overkill. One is a black and white laser that we use all the time. The other is a color inkjet.

The office is a space I knew we would spend a lot of time in, so I designed the floorplan to have the office open. Most floorplans have the office secluded and at times, I can see the need for that. But with how much Mr. JCrew is on his computer, I wanted to make sure we felt "together."

Oh, and I love the triple window in the office. It has the large plantation shutters that pop against the blue walls. But it is the view that is amazing. Those windows are the first thing I open in the morning. You see the beautiful sunrise from that window that is absolutely gorgeous when it is pink and purple.

I love the days that I work from home. My cubicle doesn't have windows, so to work and be able to look outside at a gorgeous view, is perfect!

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