Monday, May 22, 2017

Mr. Pfitzer's First Birthday

Mr. Pfitzer had a low-key first birthday. The brothers showered him with love from the minute he woke up. My mom baked him cupcakes and used Christmas sprinkles!

While at work, I thought of the boys and how they would want to give him a present. So, on the way home from work, I stopped by the store and picked up some bath toys for the brothers to give him.

Mr. Pfitzer was so excited for the cupcake but also impatient.

The brothers helped him blow out his candle.

He then grabbed the cupcake from me and went to town.

He finished and wanted more.

The dogs were patient in waiting for crumbs.

On Sunday, we had the family over to celebrate. My sister, Kerry was even in town for the occasion. I baked an Italian Cream Cake, since Pfitzer is my foodie.

It was delish.

The cousins helped him unwrap his gifts.

The favorite toy was the hammer / peg.

He loves that hammer

Hard to believe a year has gone by. Even harder to think he is a few weeks shy of the age Little JCrew was when we welcomed Mr. Brigglesworth. Mr. Pfitzer still feels like a baby since he is not walking and has no teeth. But with each day, we are seeing his personality shine through. He loves his brothers and loves to be right there playing with them.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby F is ONE

It is here! The baby is O.N.E.

I have had so much fun reliving the days exactly one year ago. Remembering what we were doing as a family in anticipation of the new arrival.

Baby Pfitzer is such an awesome baby. He could sleep better, but we are in "boot camp" for that right now. (turning off the monitor).

We have been anxious to see his personality develop, and he is turning out more and more like his daddy everyday.

He reminds me a lot of Little JCrew. He scowls when he thinks and really studies things. He already loves animals.

He has a silly sense of humor like his daddy.

Photo credit: Little JCrew

He loves to be roughed up and tickled.

He is a BIG hugger. He will hug your neck tightly and it gives you a warm feeling.

He has now discovered cabinets and loves to explore.

Each brother has a special relationship with him. He equally adores both.

Little JCrew and he are alike, so I think they share that bond.

He and Mr. Brigglesworth enjoy each other's goofy side. Mr. Brigglesworth call him "Boo Boo." And always wants to give him hugs and make sure he's okay.

Baby Pfitzer is a talker like his daddy. The two of them talk for hours. Pfitzer and I can be sitting there in silence and enjoying each other; but then Dad walks by and the words just come out.

He jabbers and I love to listen. He says his words with so much "purpose" yet I don't know what he is saying. And he gives you eye contact as he talks.

The only time we see Pfitzer get angry is when he is denied food. He cannot see food and not eat it. He ate 1.5 bowls of oatmeal yesterday because he had his, but saw Mimi eating hers and she shared.

And he is really good about letting us know when he wants to go to sleep (or maybe we aren't the new parents anymore), but when he's tired, he takes his paci and lays his head on your shoulder. I just want to squeeze him then.

He still has no teeth, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying food.

He has taken a few steps, but it's at most four and then he sits down to crawl. Crawling is so much faster!

I have enjoy the first year with my sweet one. Here is to many more!!
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