Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Little JCrew is Six

I could go on and on about this kid, and I will use this space to spill some of it out.

It was this blog that started to so long ago with me documenting the anticipation of his arrival. I even had fun reliving the series "Top 12 Things I Want My Son To Know."  And then all the posts on nesting I did before he arrived. And of course the pregnancy posts and first few birthday's can be found here.

Little JCrew and I can but heads because we are so similar, but he has some qualities that are something I strive for.

He has a love for reading that I am hoping will continue.

He loves to help his brothers learn.

He loves to help his friends learn.

He is a gentleman! Just this past Monday, we were attending Mr. Brigglesworth's piano performance party. There was a little girl there that had a plate full of goodies. Little JCrew walked up to her and asked, "May I take your plate? Where are you sitting?" Oh, my heart melted into a puddle on the floor. This is too early for this mama!

He is persistent. He doesn't beat himself up for messing up, but quickly jumps right back into trying again until he gets it.

He started the first grade at a new school and has transitioned smoothly. On the first day, he saw many kids hugging a school employee. He didn't know her, but he gave her the biggest hug. She looked down and asked who he was. He introduced himself. In his subconscious, he realizes everyone needs a good hug in their day and he's gonna make it happen!

His current favorite action hero is Spiderman. He requested a Spiderman mask for his birthday, but not just any mask. It had to be a full-head mask. Luckily, Aunt Chrissy had one!

He still loves Star Wars and knows every little fact about it. I tried to play a 'Guess Who' game based with Star Wars characters, but I had to have the boys tell me all the characters before I could play.

His eye color is still the coolest. We are calling it Hazel, but they are a gold, brown, green. It's awesome and unique!

His hair is still blonde! Confuses us, as we thought it would be brown by now.

He has beautiful feet that a dancer would kill for!

He loves to host dance parties to the 'Troll' soundtrack. We jam out in our living room. You're welcome to come over!

He takes attention well and doesn't let it get to his head.

He tells me he loves to watch 'Fixer Upper.' I think this is his way of trying to stay up past bedtime, but he will watch the show with me during the day, too.

He loves to run errands with me and still helps me with my projects.

He was in awe of the Solar Eclipse.

I am loving learning along side of him. He is an amazing teacher.

He is spoiling me... forever my baby he will be. I continue to get excited for the adventure he will take in life.

Happy birthday, Little JCrew!

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