Friday, December 8, 2017

Fall Break 2017

In Alabama, the school system has whet they call "Fall Break." It's suppose to occur after the first nine weeks of school. Basically, after each nine weeks you get a break (Fall, Christmas, Spring, Summer). Last year was our first year to take a vacation during Fall Break, and we enjoyed it so much, we did it again this year.

We found a place we really like. It's a great resort that is in a retirement community but has great amenities for kiddos.

Each morning, we go out to the beach. After lunch, we'd hang out at the hotel.

On our first day, we saw sting ray! They came right up to us.

They swam pretty close. While I was in the water, I thought I'd be fine letting them circle around me (they were swimming up and down the coastline), but on their return lap, I chickened out and ran out of the water with Pfitzer in my arms.

Little JCrew later read the hammerhead sharks love sting ray as a snack, so he was then scared hammerheads were nearby.

The second day started cold and windy. The wind was the worst part and was blowing sand everywhere. It really frustrated the boys, especially Mr. Pfitzer.

While on vacation, Mr. Pfitzer learned a new trick. He gives a "thumbs-up" sign, but he can't quite get that thumb up!

At the hotel, there was a DJ at the pool. He was playing all the songs my boys knew and my boys were jamming! There was lots of singing and dancing.

They even met a friend from our city at our hotel. The boys looked for her every day to play with.

My sister, Kerry and her husband met us at the beach, too!

On our next to the last day, we went on an excursion... a Pirate Cruise! It was so cute! The boys got face painting, had a sword fight, a water gun fight, mopped the deck, learned pirate legend stories, and found sunken treasure!! It was a great experience.

The water on the gulf coast of Florida is my favorite. And I feel like we've found a spot that is all our own that no one has discovered.

We'll see you next year, Beach!

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