Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Now that I have had two nights of decent sleep, I am returning to writing. Believe me when I say that had I tried writing before this point, you would have read words that were new to the English language!

For years, I have loved design. I look at magazines, websites and visit the local Parade of Homes for ideas. When I find something online, I always right-click on the picture to save it in a folder on my computer. The title of the picture is saved as what I like in the picture. Like "curtains" or "paint color." Many times I'll go back to a picture and find something else I like in it that I didn't notice the first time.

The only downside to this, is that I don't write down where I saw it. Sometimes the pictures come from somewhere that you can actually purchase the item. But most of the time, my inspiration pictures have nothing to be sold and I'm left clueless on where to find it.

Then came Pinterest. I have fallen in love with this new site. When you visit a webpage, you can "pin" a picture you like and add it to a folder. I usually still title the picture with the object of my affection in it. THe good part about this site, is when you click the picture on your Pinterest page, it takes you back to the website where you found it.

Pinterest is more than just design; you can "pin" anything! I have been on a mission to find kid crafts and save them. When Little JCrew gets old enough, I'll have a folder full of ideas to entertain him with! I've also printed out more than I've pinned and started a binder.

Another folder I started on Pinterest, was one for the Holidays. Craft ideas for the kids and me to do pertaining to a season. That's where I found this year's Halloween decoration. I usually don't decorate for this Holiday, but I liked the idea I found and couldn't pass it up.

The milk jugs in our house turned into ghosts! I put them at the edge of our driveway.

It was so cute on Halloween night. One little girl told me how she saw our house from the bus and told her friends about our gallons of milk! She was so excited to find our house when she went trick or treating.

I got so many compliments on them and I thought it was such a cute idea!

Pinterest is also great for recipes! I've made many things that I've found from there and will share in another post.

I apologize for the recent lack of pinning lately. Pinterest was finally blocked at my work (along with EVERYTHING else) that I haven't been able to look and pin things. When I get home, I rarely get on the computer, because all my time is spent with the little and big guy! Can't get enough of either one of them.

Go hop on Pinterest! You'll love it.

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