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I’m Lindsay. And I married the most goodlookin’ soccer player out there. He’s Mr. JCrew. We are just a couple of young parents to three boys that live in Alabama. We can’t claim to be red-necks, but Mr. JCrew does have a Southern twang to his sweet voice.

We left my family and friends in Florida, so what better way to stay in contact than a virtually? A lot of this blog is me sharing what I have learned when I do projects. I am very mechanical minded and need to get my hands on things.

Nothing inspires me more to do a project than receiving a high cost estimate. It’s how most of my projects start. I have an idea; I receive a free quote for the job; choke a little; weigh my options; learn a new trade. It’s been fun to learn so many things and then share them with you! I want to encourage DIYers that nothing is too hard.

We bought a home in 2008 and were having fun transforming it into our dream home! A blog was the best way to catalog our transformations and help me not yap Mr. JCrew’s ear off with all the ideas in my head.

We sold that house by ourselves mid-2014 and started the process of building a new home. That's right, we were General Contractors and built the house starting January 2015. There was so much we learned, and we wanted to share it with others. I learned a lot myself by reading about other people's experiences.

Not only will you get to experience the adventures of house building, but you’ll also get to see my favorite pastime… raising three little boys named, Little JCrew and Mr. Brigglesworth and Pfitzer. Those are their aliases. I am in love with their real names and sad I don't write using them. I’m trying to save them from future embarrassment of their friends "Googling" their names.

Little JCrew was late August 2011; just a week after my birthday. He has proven he’s a cool kid that gives us a good laugh every day. Mr. Brigglesworth joined the Crew in early October 2012. The brothers are 13 months-1 week apart! We cannot claim responsibility for the timing. It was God’s timing. He thought we were handling our current challenges too well, and wanted to push us to our limits. I’m happy to say, we’ve cleared that hurdle. In May 2016, we welcomed our third boy! He has been our angel baby. He fits right in to our crazy, loud life and just appears to enjoy life.


I don’t think I have enough estrogen to balance out all the testosterone in the house. Between Mr. JCrew and the kiddos, we also have two fur-children that are also boys; Anderson and Colby. So on my birthday in 2013, we adopted a girl puppy and named her Kates! She is a spitfire and rules the house already!

Meet Our Dogs

Free time is the most valuable commodity. Mr. JCrew and I both work full-time and it is our goal to make every minute outside of work count. Free time includes everything… my kids, my hobbies, sleep, housework, and more  You’re invited to follow along as we catalog our journey in making our home, having kids, praising God, saving money, eating well and enjoying our family and friends.




If you want to know more, you can visit our pages and read the stories below:

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