Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm too School for Cool

I wanted to introduce you to the furkids. They are our life and they have disctintive personalities.

Bailey Longfellow is our General. He's thirteen years old. He alerts everyone to feeding time. Sometimes his internal ticker is off. It seems to go off earlier every day. His method of trying to get what he wants is this horrible whine/cry. He's persistent! I'll give him that much.

Anderson LowRider is just like his Momma. He can't let a minute of sunlight go by without being awake and doing something. He seeks for everyone's approval. Anderson will wait until you give him eye contact and invite him to sit in your lap. I did not teach him that! Anderson is the definition of puppy-dog eyes. He will stare you in the eye like he is listening to you or knows what emotion you are feeling. He'll make you be the first one to stop looking in his eyes before he stops. Anderson is definitly a work for the money type of guy. He is our own guard dog that will never take vacation. His bark sounds scary at times, but once you kneel down to his level, he'll attack you with kisses.

Colby Graham has been nicknamed by our neighbors as "California Cool." The name fits him perfect. He goes with the flow and doesn't care who's hanging with him. He's all about making friends. We always see him walking up to strangers saying, "My name's, Colby; what's yours? Wanna be my friend?" Colby takes after his dad. Their motto is, "Work will be there tomorrow." Colby's all about catching waves before work. Everything is on Hawaii time. No appointments, no stress, just chill. He lets the air just blow through his hair. As you can tell by his picture, he makes himself comfortable anywhere and stretches out his back legs.

There you have it. Our three boys. We might be the crazy humans that talk to our dogs and pretend they talk back, but that's okay. We all enjoy it.

I'll leave you with a pretty picture of my brother-dog. His name is Jackson.

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  1. Completely spot on with the boys' personalities :)


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