Thursday, December 16, 2010

First things first ... Paint!

We closed the last part of January 2009, and you know the first thing I did? It wasn't move furniture inside. Mr. JCrew and I got busy painting the master bedroom! Painting the master involved painting the tray ceiling. I didn't want to attempt that while I had furniture to dodge beneath me.

So, we grabbed our cans of paint and painted the bedroom "Azure Snow." I had used the color in my condo and fell in love with it. It made my bedroom so airy and relaxing. I knew that I wanted to use this color again in my new bedroom.

Condo master - Paint "Azure Snow"

This color worked well because the trim in the room was pure white. It wasn't an off white like our current master bedroom is. As we started to paint the new master, I remembered how the last time I thought we grabbed the wrong paint can. This paint appears to be white in the can. And I think that's why I loved it. It has the smallest hint of blue.

As I'm forcing Mr. JCrew to paint, he makes me promise that if I do not stay with this color he gets a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for the next painting marathon. When I handed him the card, I honestly thought the color would stay. But each time I walked in the room, I knew something was off. This was my first time realizing I needed to refer to the color wheel. My paint base had pure white, and my trim in the whole house was off-white. I should have known it wouldn't work.

Not too long after moving in, I changed the paint color in the master again. This time, Mr. JCrew used his "Get Out of Jail Free" card I gave him. The new color I was going for was a brownish-grey. I had seen a picture I liked and was going after that look. I had bought what I thought was a tan duvet cover for my down comforter and it turned out to me a pale yellow. I liked it and still use it as a spare blanket, but it wasn't on my color wheel for that room. I finally found a tan duvet cover and it was perfect. I wanted to enhance the room with all shades of brown.

Idea Inspiration - Love the wall color

Okay, so the house had the same color of paint everywhere. It had a beautiful name to go along with it.. "Brown Paper Bag." And that's exactly the shade it was! It didn't bother me. It was something I could live with until I found the right color. In addition to the madness the white carpet was everywhere!! Coming from Florida I was not familiar with Clay dirt that was in my new home state, but I sure knew that white carpet was not going to last. Between the dogs and Mr. JCrew, my white carpet would be a new shade of burnt orange by summer.

Hallway to the Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom Tray Ceiling

Notice the brown bag walls?

So, here it is with a coat of "Azure Snow."

Coming from the condo, my furniture was not enough for this big new bedroom. I didn't even have a dresser! Broyhill discontinued my bedroom set, so I resorted to Craigslist and found a local man selling the dresser I needed. He had been using it as a buffet table in his dining room. All that was left to get was a mirror.

The dresser
The dogs' corner

Mr. JCrew's sister had an old beveled mirror that didn't match her style anymore and, she was willing to give it to us. I gladly accepted. It wasn't my style either so I took it to Hobby Lobby. I found a frame off the rack that was the perfect size and had them reframe it. It turned out beautiful!!!

Back to the new color I chose for the master... I went with "Elephant Skin." It turned out to be more of a grey with brown undertones than a brown with grey undertones. I should have known that when I saw the name. Elephants are grey!

New mirror with "Elephant Skin" Paint

The new color went well. It was definitely better than the light blue.

Oh yeah! We added a TV in the bedroom! I was firm in saying I wanted no TV in the bedroom. The bedroom is suppose to turn the brain off and relax. But Mr. JCrew had a good arguement. He's in school in the afternoon's and some nights, and he didn't like falling asleep on the couch and then having to wake up and transfer me  (because I always fall asleep) back to the bedroom. It was messing him up. So, he painted a beautiful picture of us cuddling in our own bed, watching TV, bonding. So far, that's what it has been. But come Spring of next year, we'll be moving that TV out and into the bonus room. Buh-bye TV!

Idea Inspiration - Love the wall color and chairs

Elephant Skin grey was growing on me but still not my choice. It looked great when photographed, but I had nothing grey in my bedroom that was tying it in. I hopped back in the car and made several trips to get paint swatches, and I stared at them for days. I finally found a color that was brown with grey undertones. Mr. JCrew looked at me CRAZY when I told him of the new color. But when I told him, it was already after I had painted the room. This past August, he went on a mission trip to Honduras. This would be a perfect time to paint the bedroom for a third and final time. Even my mom was asking if the color was right because she didn't want me to have to do it again. I reassured all of them and said it was.

The new color is called "Stone Manor." This was taken before the new camera so the lighting is off, but the bed is not made right now, and the chair from the living room is in our bedroom to make room for the Christmas tree, so I will have to wait to take a better picture. After the holidays, I promise.

In process
I even made a wall hanging with the old "Elephant Skin" color to remember what it once was painted and compare the difference.

This color will definitely stay for a long while. It's pretty close to perfect for me.

People laugh when I talk about this room. I was talking about it the other day and a friend thought it was still blue! Little did she know we were working with the third shade in there.

For curtains, I used two panels for two windows. I had seen the idea of creating the illusion as if the wall is one big window. The panels go on the outside of the windows and frame in the window, bed, window. It's an awesome affect and it was cheaper than buying four panels!

I learned my lesson with this room. Maybe. Mr. JCrew jokes about changing all the other rooms. I don't know why, but I had no problem with the colors I chose throughout the whole house. I'm in love with them all. I just had problems with my bedroom. It just wasn't right.

Items in this room:
Paint Color: 'Azure Snow', then 'Elephant Skin', final 'Stone Manor'

Furniture: Broyhill Amhurst Collection
Curtains: JCPenney 95" length, ivory
Paintings: Kohl's
Jewelry Box: Organize It
Accent Pillow: Restoration Hardware
Sweater Blanket: Pottery Barn
Lamps: Sister's hand-me-downs
Sheets: Organic from Target

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