Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Changing the Scenery

J.Crew is changing it up! We're going to start documenting all of our at home projects we've done to the house since we moved in January 2009. It was a brand new house, so we're lucky there was no updating that was necessary. But we've enjoyed adding personal touches that make it unique. I'm all about UNIQUE!! I'll take you back through the projects we've done, but I won't just focus on the house. I'll include the yard work I've done and care for the plants, but I'll also cover the tiny projects I do that are not a part of the house. (like this year's Christmas cards and wreaths I made.) The posts will include an inspirational picture (if there was one), a before, during and after picture. I'll let you know where I found the items I use and tips on how to do the projects. I've had so much fun transforming the house and, I'd like to share it with you.

Update on Dad... He came home 12-8-10!! He's doing great. He walks with a cane and is looking strong. He still goes back to the hospital every day for some meds inserted in his Hickman line, but that will soon end in a week or two. So glad he's home! I promised him I'd make him a pecan pie when he got out, and bake I did. I baked so many treats for him! He loves sweets and they're about gone. Good thing I have enough ingredients to make tons more!

I'll leave you be and go start organizing my photos to start posting my projects. Enjoy!

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