Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Eat!

The dining room is a simple room.

Dining Room 2010

It's in-between the living room and kitchen. You can get to it from the kitchen, living room or hallway. The dining room had the accent color chosen by the builder. I'm so glad I liked it! Most dining rooms we were seeing while house hunting were very bold accent colors. I'm talking Radient Red and Brilliant Blue! I want to be able to sit down for a meal and enjoy the conversation; not feel the urge to cram my food in my mouth and leave because the color is making me restless.

I feel so lucky that our dining room color was "Portobella." I LOVE mushrooms! Mr. JCrew was happy to hear we wouldn't be painting this room.

August 2008 (White Carpet)

I wasn't going to chance spilling spaghetti on this nice white carpet.

January 2009 (Wood Flooring)
Five-inch planks were added to most of the house. I love them!

The houses are about 50 feet apart from each other. It feels close, but I've seen other neighborhoods with the houses closer! We had to do something with the windows so it felt more private and also so we wouldn't be staring at their AC units.

So, we added curtains! I got this idea from a picture that showed curtains being hung on the bottom 2/3rds of a window. It still lets light in but I don't have to see the unwanted part.

Only problem was the discounted panels I found, turned purple when the light came through!

I chose the wrong type of curtain for the job I wanted it to do. It was an easy fix. Lowes had a double curtain rod that I could hang a blackout curtain on one rod and the pretty curtain on the other rod.

I hemmed the curtains to only drag a little and cut the blackout curtain to size. It solved that problem.

The dining room was still missing something. A rug. Rugs can tie a room together. I had a hard time deciding which size rug to use under my hightop table. Rule of thumb is you want to be able to pull a chair out from the table, and it stay on the rug. It's not comfortable to be sitting in a chair that is rocking because three legs are on the rug and one isn't.

I found our rug and added it to my wishlist. By the time I was ready to purchase it, it was discontinued! I never saw it go on sale before being gone. I did a google search and found a retailer that had ONE! Lucky me, it was the size I needed. I really didn't want to have to go back to the drawing board to settle for another rug.

I had a mirror I used in my condo's dining room to create the illusion that the room was longer than it was. Mirrors are great for letting more light into a room and making the room appear larger.

I didn't need to make our dining room look bigger, but it went with the furniture. I placed it on the back wall to catch the light from the windows both in the dining room and living room.

I then found these gorgeous lanterns and knew they were perfect. I tried to find cheaper versions and failed. So, I got the real deal.

Courtesy-Pottery Barn
I bought two and put one on either side of the mirror.

I also got the idea of putting corks in with the candles.

Courtesy-Pottery Barn

Next up might be changing the candles out for LED candles that either have a timer or remote control. How cool would that be? I really would like for the sconces to produce light.

Parade of Homes Tour House 2009
I'm so silly. I put pieces of paper up on either side of the mirror to make sure I would like the idea of the sconces. I've got to make sure of things before I go through with them.

Slowly but surely, the details are coming together.

Now that I stare and the room and think about the continuity, I'm making my mind up on whether I need to replace the chandelier. It's currently a cobblestone finish, but all my furniture is black.  I already have a chandelier in mind that matches my sconces in the the kitchen.

Yep, I think so!

It's hard keeping the dining room table clear. I used it as my work bench when we first moved in, and now it's a great spot to drop off the mail as you make your way to the kitchen. All I can do is try!

Items in this room:
Table: Broyhill Hightop
Buffet: Target
Curtains: Target
Mirror: Broyhill
Sconces: Pottery Barn
Rug: Pottery Barn - Janelle
Everyday dishes: Broyhill
Lantern Centerpiece: Old Time Pottery
Christmas Balls in Lantern: Target
Placemates/Chargers: Target
Molding Switch Plates: Lowes
Potential Chandelier: Home Depot

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