Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Five Years

It's hard to believe it's been five years since I met Mr. JCrew in the Atlanta airport. Despite the airport being huge, we found ourselves waiting on the same connecting flight; he coming back from Iraq, and myself going to a missile testing on base.

It's crazy how brave I was that day. I saw this extremely handsome guy waiting with his travel buddies at the gate. I was with my older co-worker. I said nothing to the handsome stranger at the time. As we boarded the plane, I looked back to see where he was; not far behind. Then I was in a panic when his seat was in front of mine. I had the row all to myself. He was sitting next to some older gentleman. I listened to his fascinating accent as he talked to the guy next to him. I sat there reading my book wondering how I could work the nerve to talk to him.

Somehow I injected myself into their conversation about the base we were going to. I don't remember what I said, but he pretended to listen.

While I sat there, I ripped a scrap piece of paper to write my number on... ME! Writing my number to give a guy! I didn't do that! Especially not to a stranger. I didn't get the courage to hand it to him until we were at baggage claim. Still then, I waited and waited to give it to him. My co-worker asked if I was ready to go, and I said, "Not yet." When he was not with his buddies, I bravely handed him my number and asked for him to show me around while I was in town. He kindly told me he didn't have a phone. What a kind rejection. My bubble had burst.

I went to the hotel to check in and took a nap before meeting all my other coworkers for dinner. Then my phone rings. It was the handsome stranger! He borrowed his roommate's phone. We planned to meet up after dinner and the rest is history. He and his roommate picked me up at dinner as my co-workers looked on.

The next day we had our missile firing and it was a success. This meant we'd be going home the next day. When I talked to the handsome stranger again, he kindly rejected hanging out before I left. He was tired. I will admit I was bummed. I knew I was leaving the next day and would probably not see him again. I had met a great and different guy, but wasn't going to be able to get to know him even better.

I went back to Orlando and expected to just be friends with the guy. He called and we talked. I pushed away as hard as I could, but the guy did not take 'No' for an answer. He was persistent. Two months later we were engaged, and two weeks after that we were married!!!

Crazy to think how fast it all happened. I don't even think I'd let my daughter move that fast. But I will say we both had this feeling of "knowing." There was something so different.

October 16th was a day that changed my life forever. Had I not had the urge to give this guy my number, I would not be married with two precious kids. I don't know what got into me that day, but I am so glad I acted out.

Five years... wow! We beat everyone's odds! I love this journey and can't wait for 80 more years!!


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