Monday, October 15, 2012

Front Door Uplift

For my birthday almost two months ago, Mr. JCrew gave me a giftcard to a paint store to get a can of paint I was wanting. I kept seeing deep navy blue front doors in pictures and said how I wanted to paint ours that color.

Every one in our part of the neighborhood has a deep brown door. There is nothing wrong with this color. I actually love the color, but I wanted to be different.

I did my research and was finally going to use my birthday present. I picked an awesome blue that was so dark it was almost black. I then did some investigating of what kind of paint I would need; latex or oil-based.

One way to find out is to do the alcohol test. This involves taking rubbing alcohol and wiping it on to the painted surface. If the paint comes off, it is a latex based paint. If the alocohol appears to clean the area where applied, it is an oil-based paint.

My alcohol test results came back that we were working with oil-based. I'm not a fan of oil-based when it comes to clean-up, but it does age well, especially for outdoor stuff.

I had my paint can mixed up and brought it home. Oil-based paint also takes longer to dry, so I started early in the day, so I could leave my door open.

The color seemed a little off. It wasn't what I thought. However, I gave it time to dry, hoping it would darken to the shade it should be.

Being in the direct sunlight, it looked country blue! Not my style at all. Again, I was going for a Navy, almost black color.

I then went back to the store to get the paint corrected. This time I chose the black looking shade. I had originally liked this color but thought it a risky shade to go with.

When looking at my inspiration pictures, I discovered most of the doors I liked were actually black! They just appeared to be blue somehow. This gave me the push to go with the darker shade.

The actual color of the paint is STILL not like the paint swatch. I don't know what it is, but the color painted on the door, is not the same as the sample. However, I still like it!! It's not country blue!

I forgot to update you back at the beginning of August when I did another update to the door. Back when we went to the beach in June, we rented a cute bungalow that had so much character! I fell in love with the little details, like the doorknobs and the deadbolts! I then set out to find these unique deadbolts so that I could add it to my front door.

The deadbolt has a flap that covers the keyhol opening. I don't know why I loved it so much, but I did.

Because of our stormdoor, you can't see the deadbolt, our door handle or distinguish the color of the door from the outside. But it's because of the stormdoor, that we keep our front door open most of the time and this allows me to see my front door all the time. I love that!

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