Monday, October 8, 2012

Front Yard Re-do

The backyard is done, but I think the nesting bug is really getting to me. I had wanted to revamp the front flowerbed a little and stumbled upon the plants I was looking for.

Original Landscaping

When I first gutted the front flowerbed, I used three different kinds of hollies. Dwarf Buford, Carissa and Helleri.

All new bushes - out with the old, in with the new.

Over time, I have noticed my Helleri holly looking funny. They certainly didn't look like the Helleri Hollies we planted in my mom's yard.

Come to find out, I had Golden Helleri and she has Black Helleri. I really liked her holly better than mine. The gold color just made them look sick.

So, when I got all my plants, I got Black Helleri Bushes, of course. I couldn't help myself! Yet, I knew Mr. JCrew would be shaking his head and saying I was ridiculous. I wanted to transplant my existing holly and replace them with the black Helleri.

Golden Helleri with Junipers
Back in 2010 I added some annuals to the bed. I figured I could handle a small amount of annuals every once in a while. I used CandyTuft which dies back up this far north, but comes back!


It lasted two years and then I pulled it up. Same with the Angelina Sedum. It was a bright lime green in the Spring/Summer and then turned red in the Fall/Winter. Even though it was a succulent, the sun still got to it and would burn it. This summer I decided to pull it up. It was looking bad.

Angelina Sedum - July 2010

The side of the front bed has not ever been attractive to me. I picked some plants that looked great at first, but overtime they never really turned into anything fantastic. They had a nice blue color to them which provided great contrast, but I was trying for a uniform look.



My plan was to dig up those six bushes and move my golden Helleri there. The golden and the black would not match exactly, but their shape would be almost the same.

Golden Helleri

Black Helleri

I loved the black Helleri in its new home. But I still wasn't keen on the golden's.

Two Golden Helleri's mixed in

Trying to keep the spacing accurate, I decided I would get three more black Helleri and finish off the border I created. I knew I'd be happy with it.

All Black Helleri

I'm very happy with the decision. My, the front yard has come a long way.

Original Layout

Potential Layout

Final Layout

2009 - before extension

2009 - before extension

2010 - bed extension



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