Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby B's Birth Story Part 3

In Part 1, I told you how labor started. In Part 2, I described the painful labor and the delivery. Now I'll continue our journey all the way to our first day home.

When I was in labor, the pain was so bad that I used my fists on pressure points in my hips during contractions. Sometimes it worked; most the time it didn't. I told Mr. JCrew how sore I anticipated being during recovery. But I was up and walking quickly and the recovery from this delivery has been amazing!

They think my water not breaking was a blessing. I almost delivered a baby still in his amniotic sac ( which is possible.) But it was a blessing because it stretched me well enough that I didn't tear or need an episiotomy. That, my friend,s is the difference between night and day. Not having stitches is awesome. I was able to go to the nursery and take pictures as Mr. JCrew gave him his first bath! Just standing there! And then I walked back. I was able to get on and off the bed so easily!

If anything, Little JCrew's labor was more pleasant, but Baby B's recovery is 100 times better.

Since Baby B was early, they let me know he could possibly be put on oxygen or need a ventilator. If he needed the latter, he'd have to be transferred to a different hospital.

When Baby B came out, I heard him cry and they said he was already pee'ing. They immediately put him on my chest. He was all "cheesy." His cry was so sweet to hear. His lungs were working. Then he became quiet and chill (just like Little JCrew.)

The next few days in the hospital were great. We went a little stir crazy, but the rainy weather outside at least didn't taunt me like a beautiful day would have.

Baby B came out weighing 6 pounds and 3 oz. He is 19.5 inches long. He has normal size feet and dark brown hair. He learned to latch quite fast and became a snacker. His first and second night were quiet. He slept really good. His nights at home have been different. He sleeps ALL day to become awake and alert at 8PM. Then he doesn't want to go to bed! But he still does good throughout the night.


The moment didn't last long.

Little JCrew loves his baby brother. He leans in to kiss and hug him. He's offered his paci and takes his hat. He even rocks him in the bassinet and tells him "Hi" a lot. I cannot wait for them to grow up together. The fun has just begun!

Going Home

We had our first weight check at the pediatrician and we're down to 5 pounds 9 oz. No concern yet, but it means almost daily appointments until he's back up to birth weight... Just like we had to do with Little JCrew.

Mr JCrew and I feel so blessed that Baby B came into this world healthy. We do not take this fact for granted.

- Lindsay

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  1. those pics are great. love little jc's face. give those sweet baby boys kisses for me.


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