Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Update on the Boys

Baby B is now two weeks and two days old. He is now starting to stay awake longer and likes to be a part of the craziness his brother creates.

Little JCrew still loves his little brother. When he remembers about him, he goes running over to his brother and talks in a high-pitch voice. He really turns on the words when he talks to Baby B. I don't know what he's saying, but Baby B pretends to understand.

Baby B even gives his brother the side-eye.

Little JCrew is all boy: it's all balls and things with wheels.

Baby B is on an every-three-hour schedule. I put him down for "naps" in his crib at the same time as Little JCrew; even though Baby B naps a whole lot more. I'm hoping this gets him into a routine.

Little JCrew's personality is really starting to shine. He's such a happy kid. His smile is contageous!

I feel so lucky to be their momma!

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