Thursday, May 24, 2012

Melt My Heart!

This picture captures a cute moment between Little JCrew and Mr. JCrew.

Getting ready for bed, Little JCrew was distracted as Mr. JCrew pulled out one of Little JCrew's favorite books and started reading it. He loves the 'Going To Bed' book by Sandra Boynton.

As Mr. JCrew started to read, Little One quickly went over to him and quietly listened.

It was so cute to watch because we weren't forcing him to listen and he came right over.

- Lindsay


  1. That was one of Dawson's favorite books from his first 18 months too...still have it memorized and now so does he. Always bothers me though that the animals take a bath BEFORE they exercise! haha!

    1. Jessica, we laugh at that part too! Makes no sense that they bathe, then exercise. Wouldn't exercise get you energized that you couldn't go to bed?


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