Wednesday, January 9, 2013


That's a hard word to remember how to spell! I put the "u" in the wrong place the first time.

This year we added to our Christmas decorations. Now that we have kids, we figured we had to have some outside decorations that they loved and were proud of. You forget how magically Christmas lights are as a kid.

We got the motivation when we visited a house that went all out on the SE side of town. This man has fifteen or so outdoor playhouses that he decorates as gingerbread houses. Inside each house is a theme of characters. Mickey and Minnie had a house. Pinocchio, Pooh, and Garfield also had houses. Little JCrew was not fond of the houses because the characters were his size and creeped him out. But he liked the lights on the house and the fake snow. This house welcomed you to get out and walk around in their driveway/yard!

Seeing how many people were there and the kids' enjoyment, we then decided we would add a little something to our yard each year. (It can get expensive!)

At first I found solar snowflakes. How cool! No wiring required. However, I couldn't get them to work. I then got some wired ones with a white extension cord.

The cord was the perfect length, but it stood out!

 We also got a timer that I have yet to figure out. I do exactly as the instructions say and it does not do what I ask. I think it came on once by itself and that was it. I'm getting frustrated with it.

I don't mind the white cords at all, but I didn't want all the attention going to it. So, I got out my handy oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

I wasn't sure how the paint would stick to the cord. I placed it in the mulch to paint (since mulch was already brown.) -- MOM, don't look at the next picture. It kind of resembles a snake.

That was kind of a bad idea because when I flipped the cord to paint the other side an hour later, the mulch was sticking to it. That's the only thing I noticed was the cord was still sticky after hours of drying.

I put the new cord in place and it is much less noticeable.

Now we just need to take down our snowflakes. I've taken down all my other Christmas decorations but since we got these snowflakes late in the season, Mr. JCrew is still enjoying his snowflakes.

The snowflakes have 8 different modes to light up to. We have it on the one where all the blue are on, and then fade to all the white. There is just one second where all of them are lit at the same time.

Now that I've taken a picture and written about it, maybe I can take them down now.

Update to the cord painting.

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