Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cord Hide-And-Seek

Typing Mr. Brigglesworth is just has hard as I thought it would be. I've already mis-spelled it three times. First time I left out the "R"; next was the "S". I'll get the hang of it... SOON, I hope.

I know I promised a post about Little JCrew's new curtain, but I'm not quite ready. I finished it yesterday morning before work, and hung it last night, but I have to make a change. Then I'll share it with you.

In the mean time, I'll show you my computer area. Technically, it's not my computer. Mine is upstairs. But Mr. JCrew has an awesome computer he built that he lets me borrow! In return, I let him use mine when he's upstairs :)  (I laugh because mine is used only because of the need for the printer.)

Command Brand hooks are one of the best inventions. They have so many styles and variations now.
Over the weekend, I bought the simplest ones because I was using them where they wouldn’t be seen.

My mom and I played around with the computer desk while my dad and Mr. JCrew were chatting. We thought they were distracted and wouldn’t notice what we were up to. In my house growing up and my house today, you don’t touch the man of the house’s computer desk. The kids were always blamed for things that went wrong on the computer. 

My mom and I were able to switch the locations CPU tower and shredding machine and move them back to their original spot before being noticed. The guys thought we were too quiet and came to check on us. :)

One of these days I want to DIY a computer desk using old kitchen cabinets from a ReStore Thrift Store. That way we can hide the shredder and the CPU tower. Until then, we used Command hooks along the back of the desk to hide the cords. The cords were pretty neat before, but the surge protector power strip was out in the open.

I also want to add some kind of open shelving above the computer. I thought about pictures or even my degree and Mr. JCrew's degree, but I kind of want it to be used space.

We moved it out of the way and used those Command hooks and viola! The view is much nicer.

Gosh, I’m a neat freak. Funny part is … after my mom and I left the room and moved on, we found Mr. JCrew on his computer making sure we ONLY messed with the cords. We teased him and he promised he trusted us and that he was entering some numbers into his document.  But it’s sooo much fund to kid the kid! I think his life would be pretty boring without me!!

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