Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh, Brother!

Many people ask how Little JCrew is doing having a new little brother. It’s the number two question behind how I am adjusting or if I like being back at work. I think this photo explains it all…

Little JCrew is in love! Every morning Little JCrew spots Mr. Brigglesworth in his rock-n-play and starts waving hi and telling him “Hi” as well. It is the cutest thing. He offers Mr. Brigglesworth his paci and talks to him.

I cannot explain how this happened. We did not prep him in any way because I honestly thought he was too young to understand. Little JCrew is your typical almost 18-month old. He is rough and full of energy… so to see him tone down that aggressiveness and adopt a gentle tenderness with Mr. Brigglesworth makes your heart fill up.

It’s a natural reaction to tell Little JCrew how sweet he is when he leans in to give the baby a kiss. I think it’s the constant praise that he responds to. We could be wasting our breath telling him how to behave around the baby, but when he hears Momma and Daddy boasting about his actions, he will repeat what made us so happy.

I love watching him stop what he’s doing, talk to and kiss the baby, and then go back to what he was doing. I can’t help but think they are already best friends.

Little JCrew loves to use all the baby toys again. Mimi has the vibrating/bouncy chair out for Mr. Brigglesworth at her house, but Little JCrew seizes the opportunity to use it as his recliner! He even tries to sit in there while Mr. Brigglesworth is in it.

Mr. Brigglesworth doesn’t seem to mind anything that Little JCrew does; except when he sticks his finger in his mouth. Little JCrew wants to sit RIGHT next to the baby. Sometimes so close that he’s sitting on a foot. But Mr. Brigglesworth doesn’t mind. He just sits there and stares.

Mr. Brigglesworth gave his first smile to Little JCrew. Not to any of us, but to his big brother. He also pee’d on his big brother, too. Little JCrew didn’t know what to think.

Mr. Brigglesworth has been a different baby. He gives us those 8-10 hour stretches and that makes for a rested mommy that has more energy to play with Little JCrew.

Mr. Brigglesworth is such a good baby, he makes Mr. JCrew like babies and want to have another!

I don’t think we did anything to help with the transition, but I feel lucky that we have such a tender-hearted little boy. I mean LUCKY! I’m oozing luck out of all my pores and I am so thankful. Who knows if this will stay, but I will continue to encourage it. If not, we’ll be adding narrative to our parenting adventures.

Have a great weekend!

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