Friday, June 28, 2013

Sleepy Baby

Mr. JCrew always talks about how he would fall asleep in the middle of the hall playing with his cars. He just napped when he felt like it.

We’ve always said Mr. Brigglesworth is just like his dad, but looks like his mom. It couldn’t be any more true… in more ways than one! But recently, Mr. Brigglesworth is proving it.
Both the boys are on schedules. They like the routine, but when something happens to their routine, the whole day is off. I don’t remember exactly what threw Mr. Brigglesworth’s schedule off over the weekend, but his naps were earlier than normal. While I was working on a project, he fussed, but I didn’t think he was tired.

I gave him a puff and he started eating it. No more fussing. (Again, like his dad, food makes him happy!)

Then I look at him, and his head is down!

He must have been REALLY tired if he couldn’t hold his head up to eat! (his favorite thing to do).

I watched him eat some more, and put his head down again.

The poor kid was begging to go to sleep. I put him in his bed and he was right out.

Mr. Briggleworth is starting to grow too fast. He’s lost his “smiley” nature but is still happy. He is still a momma’s boy and I can do no wrong in his eyes. He is not crawling yet, but he’s close! He wants everything Little JCrew has, so I encourage him to go get it if he wants it. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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