Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Foundation Complete - Day 35

This morning, it was like Christmas to come around the corner and see a big crane.

I still had frost on my windshield, and these guys were out there in below freezing temps.

At lunch time I came back out to bring the guys snacks and take more pictures.

They were almost done.

I stayed and chatted with Stanley while he worked. He and I have become buds.

As the concrete was being poured, the crew used a piece of wood to level it and spread it out.

Then Stanley would come back with the "swiffer" type tool to smooth out air bubbles and such.

As they poured concrete, they inserted the vertical rebar around the perimeter.

I didn't get to see them use the swirly things that polish the cement.

What's neat is Mom could see the crane from her house. She text me a picture.

Mom's house is in the same neighborhood, just on the opposite side.

It's so neat to realize that this stage of the process is complete!

We have a foundation!

I went back by tonight to see the finished product. You can see where the electric plugs just peep out of the concrete.

By tonight, the concrete was hard, but I wouldn't dare walk on it.

And as I left, the moon was on the rise.

What a wonderful day!

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  1. yay yay yay
    i am thrilled for you guys. what exciting times. love the progress posts


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