Sunday, March 1, 2015

Second Floor Started

The seven inches of snow we received melted inside the house by the end of Thursday. On Friday, the crew was able to come out and finish the second floor decking they had started on Tuesday.

The placement of beams to make the second floor is very artistic. There are LVL (laminated Veneer Lumber) placed strategically in places.

And the 24" LVL beam we were waiting on arrived and it was put in place. This beam runs between the dining room and living room.

Once that beam was in place, a lot of progress went on to finish the decking for the second floor.

Particle board was also laid on top of the I-joists.

On Saturday, the crew came back out to finish the second floor decking. They framed in the master trey ceiling and finished the spaces that were not load-bearing.

I thought the crew would stop there, but I got another surprise. They started the framing of the second floor!

Our second floor is not going to be ICF. The front of the house could have been, but the sides could not, because the walls did not line up over the lower ICF walls. We could have made some internal walls be ICF to enable the second to be ICF walls as well. But the second floor bedrooms are small to begin with, that I didn't want to take up square footage with the ICF walls.

I'd say they have framed half of the upstairs. I see the start of two bedrooms, one bath and a closet.

We don't have stairs to get up there yet, but I did see where they marked the balcony curve for the stairs.

 Little JCrew loves to go to the new house and explore. His imagination runs wild.

Each day is so exciting to stop by and see progress.

It's almost been a month since our monthly metrics, so I will have to update you on the stats. I was waiting for the second floor decking to be completed. That is another "milestone" to reach and marks another payment to pay invoices.

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