Saturday, September 26, 2015

Master Shower

I could not WAIT for the master shower to take form. It sat empty for the longest time.

The tile installers were excited to get to it. This was going to be their masterpiece! I knew I could not tackle a shower because there is too much risk in errors and future leaks. There are certain things you have to do.

First off, the shower pan had to be moved. The plumber purposefully built it wrong for inspection because he did not want the tile installers to use it and later blame him for any troubles. I understand his logic! It just had to hold water for inspection. Then it would be the tiler's job to re-do the pan and then it falls under him for warranty purposes.

Once the framing was moved, the shower pan liner was in place and green board was installed.

Once the green board was installed, the waterproofing material went over it. Green Board is a waterproof drywall, but it is not totally waterproof. You need another layer of protection. And Green Board is a slang term. I originally bought backer-board to use and thought it to be the same thing, but the old tile guys wanted the green board. I originally bought the backerboard from Lowes and they were great to deliver! I had it returned and bought green board. Those tile guys quit on us, so we then had the original tile guy come back who requested the backer board, but he was great to work with what we had since we had already gone through the trouble of exchanging it.

I bought a marble hexagon to use on the shower floor. I bought it online for a great price. My friend, Ashley was building an addition to her home and shared the link with me. She thought they had great customer service and great prices. She was right!

The shower walls, would not be marble. I didn’t want the hassle, but I wanted the look. I picked out a ceramic that had a marble print. It had great reviews of looking like the real deal, but easy to work with.

I requested them to lay it in a brick pattern offset in thirds. They did half the wall and offset it by half. I was not ready to have them start over, so I am living with it and it's not bad.

The tile went all the way to the top.

We needed the shower tiled before we could have the shower door installers come take measurements. Lead time on that is a couple weeks. I’m ready for doors and a window to help keep the heat inside the shower.

Mr. JCrew and I both wanted a bigger shower. The one we had before was so small. 

I’d say this one is definitely bigger!

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