Thursday, September 3, 2015

Staining Concrete

On Facebook, I had posted a picture of the porch.

Mom has already started decorating the porches. It is premature, but it does help to make it look like we have already moved in. A couple of you noticed the stained concrete, and I said I'd share the process.

We used a semi-transparent stain rather than a solid paint like we used on our previous porch. The hardest part was choosing a color.

We used Behr in the color Loden. It turned out perfect.

For the front porch, Mom just used a roller and rolled the stain on. This did create some roller marks and you had to work fast. Once a drop hit, it was there for good.

The directions said to use a sprayer and we had bought one, but Mom had never used one and didn't want to. I then used it for the back porch. Getting the hang of the sprayer was tricky. For one, I was doing it in extreme heat, so it was hard to spread. The hot concrete just soaked it up.

I did small sections at a time. I had to move so fast because of the heat. I eventually did the other porches at night and early morning before the heat and it was SO MUCH EASIER. I actually had to let the stain sit before spreading it.

Mom's porch was the last and I had perfected my technique.

You're suppose to make small circular motions. When I first got started, I forgot but quickly remembered after it was too late. The below picture is the result of non circles.

I really am glad that we decided to stain the concrete. With the clay that we have here, we were bound to get muddy prints all over the place.

Here's a video Mom took of me with the sprayer and roller. This is how fast I had to be in the direct sunlight.

Happy Staining of your own!

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