Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day 2016

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I didn’t blog about Christmas in 2016. I want to share the details before I forget and before I tell you about Christmas Day 2017.

It was a fun day. Mister Pfitzer was very into unwrapping gifts.

He got his very own chair in his color, orange.

He now matches his brothers with their chairs.

The boys are very into Star Wars and had seen the latest movie. As one of their presents, they received Boba Fett costumes. Mr. Brigglesworth only wanted the mask, but I couldn’t find just the mask, so they got the whole costume. It was cute with the cape and all. They dressed up and wanted to go to the neighborhood playground to show off the costumes, but no one was there. I told them everyone was still at their house opening gifts. It was only 830. I told them we’d try again later. 

I can't forget that we continued our Christmas Eve tradition of baking a birthday cake for Jesus.

We decorated that year's cake with marshmellows.

 I'm not the best at writing on cakes, but it's legible. 

Mr. Brigglesworth received a ukulele. He still loves it.

It is a very fun time in the house right now. These boys love Christmas. 

This was the year that I tried to get things for Mr. JCrew that were tied to his heritage. Mr. JCrew is known to not be able to find the right word to call something in conversation, but I usually know what he's talking about, so it's all good. But at one point, he told me his family had some link to Norway. I found a really cool shirt that blended a United States flag with a Norwegian flag. I was so excited to give it to him. When he received the gift, he's puzzled as to why it has a flag from Norway on it. I remind him that's what he told me, and then he laughs. He has family in Denmark, not Norway. HA! He spewed the wrong word when telling me and this was something I could not interpret like I normally do. We still laugh about it!
I can't forget, that it was at this Christmas time that Mister Pfitzer had an outfit that earned him a new nickname. Jebediah... but we called him Jeb for short. The suspenders are what did it!

I'll end with sharing our Christmas card from 2016. This is the one year that I did not create our card. I used a pre-designed stock card through Costco. I had trouble loading all the pics, but decided to hand-write the year in the blank space where a photo was to go, but I couldn't get it to load.

However, I did design Mom's card that year, but I messed up on the font color. You can't see her signature salutation ... "Love, Milly and her Alabama boys." That won't happen again.

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