Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mom's Projects

I’ve been dying to share my mom’s latest projects with you, but I had to wait. For Christmas this year, Mom made the gifts she was giving. 

Mom knocked it out of the park with this one. A little back-story. My mom’s mom was a seamstress. And not just any seamstress, but one that put together wedding dresses! She passed on the sewing skills to my mother, who made special occasion dresses for my older sisters.

She also made my nightgown that was worn when I danced the part of Clara in the Nutcracker. I still have the nightgown hanging in my closet. 

This year seems to have been marked with a lot of deaths. Not in our family, but families that we love. My mom ventures out with her friends on Saturday’s and one of the ladies lost her husband this year. It was sudden and out of the blue. Mom decided to make her a memory pillow from the husband’s shirt.

It was a nice shirt. Mom says this project took her 30 seconds. She did a great job on the seams, as the pattern lines up and you can't tell there IS a seam.

She set up the sewing machine in her room on the console that use to be in our foyer at the old house.

When my dad passed away, Mom went through his closet and gave us, kids, a few of his items. The man always wore an oxford shirt everywhere he went. You rarely saw him in a polo, and I would gasp if I saw him in a t-shirt. It just wasn’t his style. 

Most of his oxford shirts came from Lands End. And some of the shirts had his initials on them.

Lands End was great because he could customize his shirt fit for his uncommon body. He had a long torso and long arms. 

After giving the children a memento shirt, Mom had some leftovers. She decided to use those shirts to make aprons for my sisters!

They were perfect. She used no pattern (gag)! The Lands End tag was visible right at the top.

The pleat had perfect placement.

There was even a spot of imperfection that mom covered up with the size tag.

I just loved how they came together.

She did such a great job.

My sisters called on Christmas Day with no words but of thanks. My mom hit it out of the park with her gifts this year!

And while she was on a role with sewing, she made another friend a cover for her sewing machine. This friend keeps her sewing machine out, so a cover would help jazz it up.

The friend knew it was coming, so she picked out the fabric. Mom then put it together.

She used measuring tape to be the border.

Cute idea.

She also added pockets.

 And then it needed something else, so she added a decorative belt.

While she was at it, she made a new cover for my ironing board. This ironing board is the one I grew up with. We just keep adding covers to it and it is thick! Before we built this house, I had seen a neat print sold by Pottery Barn. But when I was ready to order, they no longer sold the cover. Mom then went searching for fabrics that would go with our teal ceiling.

She finally found a hydrangea pattern that was fitting. She then made the cover and it goes with the laundry room!

Nicely done, Mom! So proud!


  1. Wow, I am so impressed! Not only with the craftsmanship and level of detail, but also with the thoughtfulness and care that went into them! The words on the tag made me tear up. Treasures, indeed!

    1. Thank you, Blakeley! She has a big heart and comes up with special gifts.

  2. oh my goodness i love this. all of the gifts are amazing. i am particularly in love with those aprons. the tags are beautiful. the aprons are just perfect. i love everything about them. what a sweet precious memory and item to have. i know you girls will cherish them. your mom is so sweet


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