Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bird Bath

This project is fairly old, but I never documented it.

We had some leftover brick from house construction that was hanging out in our garage. This pile was originally hanging out behind the bushes where we hid material while building and it got left there. I assumed someone would haul it off, but when you build your own house, that person is YOU! I paid for the brick, I keep the brick. 

So, we moved it into the garage. But it was a large pile and mom came up with an idea to use some of it. We made a bird bath!

We bought two 24 inch stepping stones for $10 each and placed one at the bottom and one at the top. We then placed a really large saucer on top for the actual bird bath.

I really liked it. It helped center the off-center oak tree. The tree was what we thought was center until the fence was installed. Then we realized how off we were. 

I still had a lot of brick left over, so I built another bird bath for the front yard. When I went to get two more stepping stones, the largest size they had was an 18-inch. I didn’t measure before-hand so I thought that’d be fine. It is, but I don’t like the way it looks.

The base and the top are as wide as the column. I like it with the bigger base and top. I waited until they had the 24” again and get those to redo it. I plan to possibly relocate it. I am not done landscaping that area, as I am waiting for approval. That land is technically not mine and the city warned me that they’d rip out anything I planted over there. (The previous bushes were invasive and the roots were messing up the wires underground. Those bushes were there when we bought the land.) I understand their concern, but I also want to disguise those boxes. I feel like the birdbath looks like one more box out there. I’ll finish planting some things this summer and then see where the birdbath should go.

We do see the birds out there in them, and that is fun to see. It was an easy project that cost little to nothing since I had the brick on hand. And I didn’t have to mortar the brick together. I’m sure if someone drove into it, it would get knocked down, but there have been some strong storms and it has stayed for the past 2.5 years.

Mom bought some cast iron birds to place at the bird baths. Don't know if that scares real birds away or not.

But we have seen the birds use the baths.

Making these bird baths was a simple project that the boys were able to help with. I enjoyed it and it is something different.


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