Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mr. Pfitzer Is Two!

Happy 2nd birthday to Mr. Pfitzer! It is hard to believe he is two, but then again, I can see it. 

I’ve thought every single one of my babies was a good baby, but he really takes the title of "Good Baby." He is so go-with-the-flow because he has to be with older siblings. 

He’s so cute, that I catch myself staring at him, but if he catches me staring, he quickly shakes his head, “No” and I have to stop looking. 

He loves animals and especially baby animals. With all the baby birds right now, I hear him saying, “Baby,” “awe,” and “cute” a lot. 

He still is my best eater out of the boys. He will eat anything… except for Pumpkin Pie and Green Beans. Those are the two foods we have found he won’t eat. But he will eat Black-eyed peas as if they were candy!

He is a great sleeper and transitioned to his toddler bed at 20 months easily. The older boys and he share a room right now and he doesn’t have an issue. Although, he likes to be the first one up and wake them up. Only Mr. Brigglesworth has an issue with the new “alarm clock.”

Speaking of milestones at 20 months… he got his first tooth at 20 months! Finally! And the order of teeth breaking through did not make sense. I will list the teeth numbers in the order he got them. (Primary Teeth Numbering System) G, D, P, O, F, B, I, S and just two days ago E broke through the gum! His smile is definitely unique right now. I miss the gummy smile already!

When he runs, he pulls those arms in tight and lets those feet go. He hauls it across the room or down the sidewalk.

He LOVES being outside. He wants to be outside all the time. He requests it by saying, “Owside.” I remember walking him outside during his infant “witching hour” at night and it never failed to quiet him down. It is his and my happy place.

He loves to play hide and seek. His favorite spot to hide in the house is behind the art easel. He will get behind it and pull the easel up against the wall. And if he’s playing the game by hiding his face behind his hands, he says, “I don’t see it.” 

He also puts his hands up to his face when he cries. Don’t know where he learned this move, but I think it is cute. And he loves a shoulder to cry on. I try not to give into the cuteness when he cries, so he knows he can’t turn to me for consoling. But he knows big brother, Brigglesworth will lend a shoulder. There are many times Mr. Brigglesworth hears Mr. Pfitzer cry and hugs him while Pfitzer continues crying and Brigglesworth rubs his back. I love the brotherly love.

In August he will start pre-school and we are all excited. He has had to watch us all leave the house and want to go with us this past year. He will put on his clothes and ask to put on his shoes so he can go. Very soon he will be part of that morning routine.

His personality is coming our more and more each day. He’s got some organization tendencies on how he does things, but he has his daddy’s humor! He loves to be funny and goofy and make us all laugh. He knows how to make the appropriate sound effects for swords and guns. 

He still loves to cuddle and will let me hold him. He is such a busy body but makes time to be held. I love hearing him breathe into my neck as we cuddle. 

He loves to hurt his brothers and then turn around and ask, "Are you okay?"

He likes his alone time. This is both good and bad. We give him alone time, but he has been known to take advantage of it and write on the walls or stamp his lips!

I love how all three of my boys are different, yet have similarities. They also have a love for one another that is so encouraging. They are a pack that love each other. 

We celebrated Mr. Pfitzer's b-day with cake last night. He was so tickled when we started singing to him! His face lit up!

Happy birthday, Mr. Pfitzer!!! You are so loved!

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