Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Favorite Nooks

It was so much fun designing this house, but my favorite part has been creating little nooks.

These nooks might get overlooked by most, but they get me to stop in my tracks. I will leave you with pictures.


View into Master Bedroom
This view into the Master Bedroom is what we see from the kitchen.

Master Bathroom

This nook can almost look like a doctor's office with exam rooms right next to each other, but it's not. It's a closet door and the toilet door.

Powder Bath
The Powder Bath door is frequently closed while we have a baby in the house, but I am anxious to keep it open again so I can stare at it!

Little JCrew's Room

I love this peek into his room.

This fireplace screen is currently sitting in Mr. JCrew's closet until we feel it is safe again that the baby won't pull it over. But I love the fireplace and screen! We used the same brick from the exterior of the house.

I love the hooks I created to hang our coats and backpacks. It sits underneath the antique window Mom found and next to the glass door that leads to the Laundry Room.

Mom's Desk
This little nook is outside my Mom's bedroom and the Laundry Room.

This hallway is so hard to photograph. It is the hallway that leads to the garage and side porch. There is always a shadow, but it is my favorite. From the detail of the original trim I designed, to the frames that house pictures of my boys. I love it.

There you have my favorite nooks. I have favorite nooks in the yard I will have to document as well. 

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