Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cards to Warm the Heart

I did something new this year! I made Christmas Cards! I had already bought printed Christmas cards and sent those out, but six families got special cards this year that I made at a Stampin’ Up camp.
Stampin’ Up is a business a friend of mine is involved in. Stephanie Kokan is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, and boy is she good at crafts!
You can get everything you need from them. The paper, the glue, the stamps, the ink pads, the punches… you need it, they have it!
Stephanie made it easy at our camp. She designed cards for us to make and had everything ready to put together. The designs were adorable.

This card was my first favorite. I saw it and loved it. There was a punch out for the scalloped oval. The tree was made from different size squares. You fold the squares a special way, then tuck them within each other, and you have a tree! Add a reinstone to the top, and you’re done!

This card was a fun one. There were three different stamps used. The ink color, “Crumb Cake” has a fun name and is a beautiful color. Very subtle.

This card used a HUGE wreath stamp. The stamp is so big you lay it on its back and rub the ink pad on it. This card doesn’t use the whole stamp, so you only ink 2/3rds of it. A little red bow is glued to give the wreath its final touch.

This card was fun and easy to make. Yet, it looks classy and beautiful. The red paper has a border punched out on the edge and another rectangle paper on top. The reindeer is special. There is a special ink you put the reindeer stamp in. It’s a clear ink you can’t see. You then add gold flakes to the page. The clear ink makes the gold flakes stay where it should. You shake off the remainder, being sure it is all off. Once the gold flakes are on the ink, you use a blow-dryer type machine to melt the gold flakes. It turns out so beautiful. I can’t believe I made it!

This card was my all time favorite. It used a special no-cut punch to raise the paper to create snowflakes. The white raised paper went on top of a green paper that had the edges punched with a border punch. You then stamp a Christmas phrase using the coordinating green ink and then tie a bow around the card. Cute part about Stampin’ Up … they color coordinate it all. You can be sure the colors will match. If you use “Old Olive” ink, there is “Old Olive” paper and ribbon to use. It can’t get any easier.
It’s a lot of money to set up the operation but you can do more than just cards. You can make invitations, scrapbooking, decorate your home and wrap a gift.
Here is the Christmas card I received from Stephanie and her family this year. It has a little pocket where she stuck a note and a picture of the kids. I loved it!

I love receiving home-made anything! Knowing that someone took the time to create something for me, makes me feel special.

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