Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cheer

I admit I was playing the part of Scrooge this year. I was not in the mood to get the tree out this year.  Putting out decorations involves moving furniture and finding new homes for the moved furniture. With my parents living with us, our extra rooms are occupied and there is no where to put the extra furniture without it looking silly. So, I put my Scrooge hat on and announced there would be no Christmas tree. My mom acted sad and asked where we would put the presents. I was more than fine with putting presents in front of the fireplace.

But then something bit me and I gotinto the Christmas spirit. I don’t know what bit me, but I was on my way home from Church and asked Mr. JCrew if he’d help me get down the Christmas tree and quickly put it up before my mom got home.

We quickly put up the tree and put a few ornaments on it. Ornaments are fun to put on the tree, but not fun to take off. There are enough ornaments on there to get the idea.

Our house has different roof lines that are not easy to line with lights. The chimney gets in the way. So, our outside decorations are minimal. We hand this large wreath above the garage and it lights up. Last year we didn’t have a bow on it, but it kept looking like a big “O” and not a wreath. I found a cheap bow that makes it even more beautiful.

We also put candles in the front windows. I found these candles with the pewter base at Target last year.

This year, since I had lanterns on either side of the garage, I bought bows to place on them. I could have made these bows. I learned how a couple weeks ago at a swag camp. There were bow experts there giving lessons. At least I will know how to fix them if something happens!

At night it’s beautiful. It’s a lot of light already. I don’t think I need any more.

I also added a swag to the mailbox. I think it looks pretty. I wish I could take credit for making it, but I didn’t.

Inside the decorations are still kept to a minimum. I filled an empty vase with colored bells, and I set up my Willie Ray Nativity set. Only three Nutcrackers made it out this season. They found a new home on the coat rack this year.

This year I made three wreaths! One is for my mom, and I’m using it on the front door.  I put a similar one on the laundry door and a third on the back door. Tomorrow I’ll post a DIY post on how I made the wreaths. I loved it so much, I contemplated opening a wreath store.

Christmas Spirit hit me hard. I feel like I didn’t do much and kept it simple, yet when I look at all the pictures, it feels like a lot.

Merry Christmas!!

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