Friday, December 24, 2010

Wreaths Galore!

I had so much fun making my wreaths. I didn’t know I had it in me. I looked far and wide for a wreath I liked that was in my price range. I could find beautiful wreaths, but they were $70 and up. Even at that price, they still weren’t perfect.
I bought a bare wreath at Old Time Pottery on sale for $8.99. I then went to Hobby Lobby and bought some greenery. I wanted my wreaths to look natural.
I bought eucalyptus.

I bought fern like plants

I found a deep red hydrangea

Berries added a nice touch

My greenery looked nice together. Once home, I took the greenery apart; cutting it into little pieces. Cut the greenery into natural pieces. The little clumps naturally found on a branch are perfect.  You don’t want to clumps on your wreath. Remember, we’re trying to look natural.
I spread out the hydrangea first. It’s the only piece on the wreath that is evenly spaced out. All the rest was randomly placed.
To attach the pieces of greenery to the wreath I used floral wire.

Once the hydrangea was in place, I started randomly placing pieces of my greenery everywhere. I kept adding pieces until I could barely see the bare wreath anymore.

After my first success, I told my mom I’d make one for her front door. I made hers exactly the same, except I added silver ribbon. Dressed it up just a little bit more.

Because I had made two wreaths, and Mom is currently living with us, I had to find another location to hang the second wreath. My mom mentioned my sister hanging a wreath on her back door as well as her front. I thought it a great idea and hung the second wreath on the back door for its temporary home. I liked it there!

See, I have this problem… with my parents living with us for a few months, I’ve had to find temporary homes for pieces of furniture. It then turns out that I like the furniture in its temporary home, so I have to go buy a duplicate piece of furniture to put back in the old spot. It’s becoming comical!
Since the wreath’s temporary home was my new favorite, I set out again to buy supplies to make a third wreath. This wreath would be slightly different. Since the kitchen is primarily green, I wanted the wreath to have a million different shades of green in it.

I bought all the same stuff, except instead of the deep red hydrangea (which they didn’t have) I bought a cream hydrangea and a green hydrangea. I liked them both and couldn’t decide.

I used the green hydrangea on the wreath first, but after adding greenery, the hydrangea wasn’t popping like I wanted it to. So, I added the cream hydrangea right next to it. Now, it stood out.

I found brown berries to use instead of the deep read.

And I found a lighter version of the eucalyptus and used both the dark and light in this wreath.

I even found this fuzzy greenery.

All together, this wreath is my favorite. I’m trying to come up with a place to hang it year-round. I already have a tiny mistletoe wreath I hang on the laundry room door year-round. This wreath is rather large and I love it. I could hang it on the front door, but I don’t want to chance it fading in the sun!

What to do ?!? ……

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