Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Need More Room To Grow

When I created my backyard plan, I created one for my front yard too. Our neighborhood has houses all in a row and they start to look identical if you stare down the street.  I wanted to break up the monotomy of the street and plant trees so that we couldn’t look down the street. The builder put two October Glory Maples in each yard of the neighborhood. They get really big. Big enough that I don’t need to plant those trees to block my view.
October Glory Maple

There is a blank space on the side of our house with no windows where I decided to place a Forest Pansy Redbud. This tree gets purple leaves that eventually fade to a deep green. I love this tree.

Forest Pansy Redbud

After this tree was planted, Mr. JCrew had to maneuver the mower around the tree. He didn’t like having to dodge the tree and the anchors I had around it. It made his job hard. So, I revamped my front yard plans!
Revision 1
I decided to extend the front flowerbed to surround my new tree. I was excited for more space to plant more plants!
I originally was going to use the new space as my bulb garden. I planted a variety of Junipers around the edge and planted Freesia in the blank middle space. Somewhere in the middle of my planning, I changed my mind and wanted it to be my Daylily garden. The Freesia hadn’t popped up yet, but if they did, it’d be a nice mixture in with the Daylilies.
Stella d'Oro

Rosy Returns

I picked a Daylily that blooms a lot! Stella d’Oro. It’s a yellow color that stands out. I also mixed in a pink re-blooming variety called Rosy Returns. I planted the Daylilies in clumps. It’s looks natural but not too organized.

Along with new plants to fill the extension, I went for more color to add in the bare spots of the existing bed. I had my plants picked out. I took Mr. JCrew with me to the nursery to show him my design choices and he used his veto power. I had no idea Mr. JCrew was so fashionable! He chose a new color scheme and totally different plants! I have gotten so many compliments on those plants and I have to give Mr. JCrew the credit. He loves the notoriety! I think it’s his designer eye that got us yard of the month! I’m so proud of him!

The front bed was originally outlined in brick. Extending the bed caused a need for more brick. Too bad the size and color of the brick I used was no longer carried by the store. I bought a slightly bigger brick in the color to match and would get my creative juices flowing to figure out how I could mix the new size in with the old.

The new pattern worked out perfect. I liked it a lot. I’m glad the store no longer had my brick size.
Our front yard is a work in progress. Details go a long way. I know Mr. JCrew jumps with excitement when he mows the yard. He no longer has to go around the tree. More flowerbeds = less grass. His smile says it all! I’m glad I can make him happy!

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