Friday, May 13, 2011

Shelf Space, Anyone?

Now that Baby J is coming into our family, I started analyzing storage space. I’ve purposefully tried not to use the closets any of the spare bedrooms because I knew future little JCrew’s would be coming along and demanding the space.
Last week I showed you into the closet space and how I added TONS of shelving to make each space efficient.
I feel organized with those spaces, but the kitchen was making me nervous. My kitchen in this house is three times the size of my condo’s kitchen. I was so excited to have all my kitchen supplies in one room! However, it felt like there was no room for baby bottles and toddler plates.

I contemplated adding more cabinets on the other side of the room to look like a piece of furniture. My mom then suggested adding shelves to the existing cabinets. Great idea!
We went to Lowes and found plain white shelving. Its edging was white, and that would be ok.

I then found the anchors to put in the cabinet holes to hold the new shelf.
It’s hard to find the exact size shelf you need. Even though my cabinets look the same, when I took the measurements, they were all different.
I took out my favorite circular saw and cut away.

I sanded down the edges and placed them inside the cabinets.
I couldn’t be more thrilled with the cabinet space. It actually feels like I have more cups than I did before. But all that’s different is that they aren’t stacked up. The baby bottles will go on the bottom shelf and then we’ll transition to kid cups.

The other cabinet now has space for the kids plates and bowls.

I think we’re ready for Little JCrew!

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