Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Stone

When we bought our pallets of stone for the backyard, we included these 4x8x16 “bricks.” I had used them before in the front yard to build a flowerbed, and liked the look.

I didn’t necessarily like the color though. When I decided I wanted to use this same stone to build a seating wall on our newly extended back porch, I searched for a different color.
I found the darkest color it would come in. It wasn’t that dark, but at least darker than what I had.
I played with the design of the seating wall for a while. I originally wanted to make it a planter-type wall. It would be wide enough that there could be plants I it. That idea was canned pretty fast. I then decided to make it a seating wall. This would allow guests to have somewhere to sit, even if all the furniture was taken.

Once a seating wall was decided upon, the pattern of the stone needed to be discussed. I wanted the guests to feel comfortable sitting down and not feeling like the wall would tip.
When I got my stone, I plugged away one brick at a time. This required major muscle. One by one the stone went down. I started on one side and then went to the other. The design plan included two ways to exit off the porch. I played around with the width of the center piece.

The result was fabulous! I love it.

Even the dogs love it. They had to get use to the stone blocking their path. They were so use to their ways, they were jumping over the wall to get where they wanted to go. It was comical.

Colby also likes to stand on the wall to get a good view.

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